Author Guideline

You can apply to be an author of #IEFTech. Before sending your application, please read below terms, if you are agree with these terms, then only send mail to

#1. You will not publish articles to Gambling, Poker, Casino, Adult, Sexual Material or link these kind of sites from your content or author bio.
#2. you are allowed to add max 2 links in your content including author bio. (1 link from content, 1 link from author bio)
#3. You are not allowed to add link in entire body part of content (if you are real blogger) BUT you are free to get link from last paragraph of your content as well author bio.
#4. If you need link from body part, first some paragraph of entire content, it will be charged and you need to mail to admin for that.
#5. If we found any post, which is not as per above terms, we can edit, delete, remove links from that post.

If you are ok with this terms then you can contact us on
Your mail subject for authorship Ac must be: “Authorship For #IEFTech Blog”