Blockchain Technology Fix Mobile App Economy

blockchain technology

Does it seem like ages you downloaded a mobile app that blew your mind away? When was the first time you used an app that solved the problem immediately? What about the first time you stood in the street and ordered a cab that came just for you? Then there was time when you got out of that can without paying in cash to the driver. These were all the fulfilling mobile moments. But you don’t seem to get that now that often, do you?

There have been a lot of changes in the app development industry over the past few years. It has not been like it was in the initial mobile app development years when getting ROI on apps wasn’t as hard and user retention wasn’t this short. Now finding a balance between a good user experience and number of ads makes it harder to monetize the app. It’s becoming more and more difficult to keep the users attached to your app and not withdraw sooner.

Mobile apps are not a thing of yesterday anymore. It’s been years and being around this technology for so long has made mobile app users more tech savvy and has left them with higher expectations. In-app purchases are old school now. They are very strict and require users to have a bank account or credit card and not every mobile app user has them. Users now wish to move away from apps that require them to do physical actions or third party services in order to make a transaction. They are now looking for peer-to-peer transaction capabilities without involving any third party.

Mobile app industry seems in the need of an overhaul and we believe that Block chain technology has the potential to revolutionize the mobile app economy and create amazing new and better opportunities for mobile app developers. The technology offers some perks that app developers have been waiting for years like the decentralized nature of block-chain that allows them to maintain a decentralized database and an open standard platform that everyone can communicate with. Also, it offers higher security to mobile app users with the ability to protect user’s identity and secure the contents of the transaction.

It’s about time mobile app developers took the advantage of this technological revolution and improved their business models and their takes on mobile app development. Being one of the best blockchain development company our developers are doing amazing things as soon as blockchain technology is becoming more accessible and tailored to the mobile world.

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