Comparing the price of Championship clubs’ football tickets

The 2018-19 Sky Bet Championship season boasts the most star-studded line-up in some time, despite losing champions Wolverhampton Wanderers, runners-up Cardiff City and play-off winners Fulham to the Premier League – all three teams took the second tier of English football to a new level last term.

This upcoming campaign will see Stoke City, Swansea City and West Bromwich Albion drop into the league – three ever-present sides in the top-flight in recent history – which could see the quality swoop higher than ever before.

All of the action gets underway next Friday with Reading hosting Derby County at the Madjeski Stadium and supporters will have already secured their football tickets either for the season or a selection of games they fancy attending throughout the course of the next nine months.

Stoke, Swansea and West Brom will all be favoured for the Championship title, but we aren’t here to talk about each club’s prospects this term; we’re here to discuss which clubs are charging the most and least for their football tickets.

Let’s do it.

Some of the season tickets and single football tickets being sold in the Championship last season were in and around the same price range as the top Premier League clubs, and the most expensive season ticket at Fulham cost supporters £929.

That’s nowhere near as high as the dearest in the top-flight – Arsenal’s £1768.50 season ticket – to bag a season at Craven Cottage for all 23 fixtures over the course of the season but to put it into context, it’s more expensive than 15 of the 20 Premier League clubs’ priciest season tickets.

Norwich City’s dearest season ticket which costs £856.50 and Ipswich Town’s at £842 closely followed The Cottagers in charging their fans the most for an annual seat, however, both clubs didn’t exactly repay the loyal support on the pitch.

In terms of the more feasible football ticket prices, Birmingham City offer the cheapest season ticket at £230 and Hull City closely follow, pricing theirs at £252 – a very respectable price considering The Tigers’ participation in the Premier League just a few years ago.

Despite charging the most in the Championship for a season ticket, Fulham offer the third cheapest in the second tier at just £254 which would still be a good view if you bear in mind that Craven Cottage isn’t the biggest of stadia.

The average cost of all 24 Championship clubs’ dearest season tickets is at £608.65 which is actually a reduction from previous seasons, whereas the average of the cheapest is at £337. The highest-priced cheapest season ticket is at Norwich for £499.50 – it certainly is cheap to watch football at Carrow Road!

Norwich also offer the third most expensive single online football tickets at £45, with Fulham’s £50 tickets and the £49 football tickets at Sheffield Wednesday the only tickets at a higher price.

You can watch a Hull match for just £12 and they are joined by a range of clubs that charge less than £20 to watch their matches. Birmingham, Bolton Wanderers and Derby County’s cheapest are priced at £15, whilst Norwich do let fans in for £18, despite how high their prices do ultimately go.

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