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Company Overview |

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NorthMan Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in providing overall comprehensive solutions for photovoltaic power station construction, providing a package of services including program design, R&D and manufacturing, equipment installation and after-sales service. Committed to building high-efficiency, low-cost, high-quality, and environment-friendly photovoltaic power stations for customers, the business covers large-scale centralized photovoltaic power stations on the ground, mountain and water, and rooftop distributed photovoltaic power stations.

NorthMan Energy adheres to scientific development and has established a business model integrating project investment and financing, solution provision, professional engineering services, and operation and maintenance. With continuous technological and management innovation, it relies on more than 600 MW of different types of photovoltaic power generation projects each year. Our service experience and a rigorous and efficient project management system provide value and services for the development of the photovoltaic power station industry.

NorthMan, adhering to an awe-inspiring work attitude, focusing on innovation, continuing to lead, and constantly creating value for customers.

| Company vision:

Based on the rapidly developing domestic and foreign photovoltaic industry and other new energy fields, we have gradually implemented diversified technology research and development, engineering project construction, and trade integration company development strategies in related fields. We strive to maintain the core competitiveness of the company in the industry. While practicing customer satisfaction, we continue to increase our market share and profitability by implementing our business mission of "professional convenience, value addition, and commitment". Good return on investment. We will operate on a global scale. Through a variety of different methods, while maintaining the optimization, streamlining and efficiency of the overall organizational structure, we will continue to pursue to improve the core competitiveness of the company in key value links, and strive to become an influential new energy industry. Powerful integrated solution service provider.

Company mission:

focus on the interests and challenges of customers and help them succeed.

Company philosophy:

Continuous innovation, customer achievement, professional and efficient, responsible and honest, people-oriented.

Continuous innovation: technological innovation, cost innovation, focusing on all innovations that have an impact on customers and the company;

Customer achievement: continuously pursue customer satisfaction and help customers succeed;

Professional and efficient: professional role, realistic and pragmatic, pursuit of high efficiency and accuracy, and active pursuit of success;

Responsibility and integrity: the spirit of the hero, the establishment of trust and responsible interpersonal relationship;

People oriented: to provide employees with a satisfactory career development place and create a healthy and prosperous life.