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Tunchang 20MW Modern Agricultural Solar Grid-Connected Power Station Demonstration Project

发布日期:2020-10-15     作者:诺斯曼      浏览量:212

I  Project Overview

1. Project Introduction:Tunchang 20MW Modern Agricultural Solar Grid-Connected Power Station Demonstration Project(图1)

The project is located in Tunchang County, Hainan Province.It is a key project of Hainan Province in 2013, with a total installed capacity of 20MW. Adopt a combination of agriculture and photovoltaic power generation, use slope land to plan and plant economic crops, and at the same time use crop cultivation gaps to construct solar power generation systems.It is a green environmental protection high-tech project to form a compound ecological and efficient planting mode and improve the comprehensive benefits of unit land area.

2. Construction Geological Conditions:

The site belongs to tropical monsoon climate, with high temperature and rainy all year round. The maximum surface temperature reaches 60 ℃. There are heavy rain and thunderstorm weather.The bottom soil is mainly miscellaneous fill, clay and local rocks.

Tunchang 20MW Modern Agricultural Solar Grid-Connected Power Station Demonstration Project(图2)

I  Project Features:

1. According to the local meteorological conditions and the functional needs of greenhouse vegetation, combined with comprehensive factors such as lighting, ventilation, cost, self-weight, wind pressure, and earthquake resistance,

1.1) Increase the height of the photovoltaic support and increase the planting space,

1.2) The inclination angle of the photovoltaic support is 30°, and the row spacing is 5m.

1.3) The height of the photovoltaic array can be adjusted flexibly according to the terrain and the ventilation and heat dissipation requirements of the crops.

1.4) The use of double-sided light-transmitting glass components can provide plants with more light without affecting the power generation to meet the growth needs of crops.

1.5) Adopt double-page spiral pile foundation, insert and connect between the column and the spiral pile, and use concrete piers on the surface of the spiral pile to prevent the instability of the foundation column from tilting due to rain erosion and strong ground wind.

2. Excavate the original soft plastic cohesive soil base layer to backfill the gravel, and lay the gravel particles evenly on the power distribution field components to prevent subsidence.

3. The construction time of the project coincides with the local annual high temperature peak, and the surface temperature reaches 60℃. Try to choose the time period with lower temperature in the morning and evening to reduce the high temperature work time of workers.

4. The photovoltaic adopts a toughened glass structure, which saves costs compared to the traditional thin-film greenhouse that is replaced every year. In addition, the photovoltaic power generation panel itself has a high refractive index, which can effectively maintain the temperature in the greenhouse, which can be more than one season than the ordinary greenhouse, and increase the income of crops.

Tunchang 20MW Modern Agricultural Solar Grid-Connected Power Station Demonstration Project(图3)