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Zhejiang Cixi 200MW Water Surface Pile Photovoltaic Power Station Project

发布日期:2020-10-15     作者:诺斯曼      浏览量:234

I  Project OverviewZhejiang Cixi 200MW Water Surface Pile Photovoltaic Power Station Project(图1)

1. Project Introduction:

The project is located along the beach in the northern part of Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, with a total installed capacity of 200MW. Combined with its local natural environmental conditions, it adopts new energy and fishery methods. Support the photovoltaic array with piling technology. Through water power generation and underwater aquaculture, aquaculture and power generation can be achieved in parallel. The "Fishing and Light Complementary" project is a combination of fishery and photovoltaic power generation. It does not change the attributes of the land while achieving dual use of one place, saving resources to produce clean electricity, and obtain Good ecological and economic benefits.The project provides a reference for the large-scale construction and standardized construction of water surface photovoltaic power stations, both from the professionalism of construction and the speed of construction.

2. Construction Geological Conditions

The landform type of the project area is single,most of the construction sites are on the tidal flats, and both sides are sheltered by groyne and Niluoshan reclamation areas.The construction time should be avoided under adverse weather conditions such as rainy season and typhoon,and try to minimize the impact of construction on sea water quality.

Zhejiang Cixi 200MW Water Surface Pile Photovoltaic Power Station Project(图2)

I  Project Features:

1. Developed a new water surface civil engineering, installation and construction technology, which is especially suitable for the construction of large-scale water photovoltaic power plants in deep waters. Its pioneering piling floating platform can meet the simultaneous construction of 4 piling equipment, after each positioning More than 100 piles can be constructed, and the average daily pile driving is more than 1,200. It only takes 1 minute from picking the piles to the end of the construction. It has received CCTV news broadcast reports many times.

2. Affected by water sloshing, heavy fog, etc., it is difficult to locate piling on the water. The three systems eight-frequency technolog of Beidou, GPS, GLONASS is adopted, and the operation is carried out between two devices through a reference station and a mobile workstation. Differential processing, real-time positioning accuracy can reach 3cm. Through this high-precision real-time positioning, the positioning accuracy of water piling is realized.

3. For sandy soil foundations, considering the impact of liquefaction, use excavators equipped with hydraulic vibration hammers for construction.

4. The bracket form of double hoop, double column and double diagonal bracing is convenient for installation. The upper structure adopts steel structure bracket, the bracket is equipped with hot-dip galvanized C-shaped steel, and the beam is equipped with photovoltaic module bracket.

5. The installation of photovoltaic modules on the water surface can effectively block sunlight, reduce water evaporation and lower water temperature, not only to prevent the outbreak of aquaculture diseases, but also to adjust the metabolism of fish to make them grow quickly. At the same time, it prevents the large-scale outbreak of algae in the water and provides an excellent incubation environment for freshwater organisms.

Zhejiang Cixi 200MW Water Surface Pile Photovoltaic Power Station Project(图3)