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SEEDGLASS CO.,LTD Rooftop 2.982MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project

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I  Project Overview

1. Project Introduction:SEEDGLASS CO.,LTD Rooftop 2.982MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project(图1)

The project is built on the rooftop of Tianjin seedglass factory, with a total installed capacity of 2.982mw. The power generated is consumed by the factory and the surplus power is connected to the grid. Reduce the energy consumption of the factory and realize the goal of opening up sources and reducing expenditure. Relieve the pressure of the local power grid during the peak period of power supply.

2.  Construction Geological Conditions:

The local monsoon climate. The four seasons are distinct. In winter, affected by the Mongolian cold high pressure and the Northwest Pacific subtropical high, the northwest and southeast winds prevail. The construction rooftop is mainly composed of colored steel tiles and concrete materials, which are relatively stable and gentle, without large obstructions or buildings around, and long sunshine time.

SEEDGLASS CO.,LTD Rooftop 2.982MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project(图2)

|  Project Features

By considering the comprehensive factors such as the rooftop material and slope of the factory building:

The newly-built steel structure facility foundation, the photovoltaic module is erected on it, the steel structure rooftop photovoltaic system is arranged on the rooftop of the factory building by tiling, and the load demand is 0.15kN/m², which is within the load-bearing range of the factory rooftop.

1.2)The photovoltaic module array is installed with fixed brackets, which generate power in blocks and centrally connect to the grid. In summer, it effectively blocks sunlight, reduces the indoor temperature of the plant, and improves the quality of the working environment for workers.

2. Aiming at the specific situation of the project, the purpose is to ensure safety, convenient use, and reasonable economy:

2.1) The fire fighting system is mainly equipped with mobile chemical fire extinguishers, and the oil road in the factory courtyard can meet the requirements of the fire fighting access of this project.

2.2) The existing roads in the site not only meet the requirements of temporary construction, but also can be used as roads for the inspection and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations, and can reach the lifting points of each plant, which is convenient for construction and maintenance.

SEEDGLASS CO.,LTD Rooftop 2.982MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project(图3)