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|  Development consulting:

NorthMan Energy EPC project management has always been known for its "high standards, high quality, low cost, and short construction period" in the field of engineering construction. It is based on integrity, professionalism, and strength as the guarantee. Its business scope covers grid-connected photovoltaics Projects, solar thermal power generation projects, micro-grid projects, rooftop projects, photovoltaic building integration projects and other photovoltaic industry engineering design, procurement, and general contracting.

|  Survey and evaluation: 

In order to evaluate the soil conditions and local installation conditions, it is necessary to conduct appropriate geological surveys and tests in accordance with GB5002 "Geotechnical Engineering Survey Specifications" and DIN EN ISO 14688-2:2011-06 standards, and give a A geotechnical research report. At the same time, according to the comprehensive and individual conditions such as geology, geotechnical and climate of the project site, corresponding data support can be obtained in order to plan a reasonable design and construction plan. According to the needs of the project, the [stand fixed]® project team will send a professional survey and test vehicle group to the site for evaluation.

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|  Design calculation:

According to the survey results and design service life, the bearing reaction force value needs to be calculated, and the limit load or the standard limit load of each partition is multiplied by the safety factor. The value of the limit load is [stand fixed]® spiral pile The value of the value when it is damaged or pulled out, their average value is obtained through each individual test, and the allowable load means that the load value has included an appropriate safety factor.

In order to develop a [stand fixed]® solution suitable for the project, it is necessary to optimize the diameter, length, wall thickness, spiral opening angle, and spiral blade form specifications of each spiral pile or ground anchor, and also combine the requirements of electrical design Carry out array optimization design and detailed calculation for various supports, and comprehensively evaluate the system conditions according to the structural calculation model.

According to the geological characteristics, soil analysis is carried out according to DIN 50929 standard to evaluate the corrosiveness of the soil to the [stand fixed]® system. Corrosion is the main influencing factor of the service life of the system, which determines the importance of anti-corrosion treatment; [stand fixed]® All components of the system are based on relevant standards and adopt a variety of high-efficiency anti-corrosion solutions (stainless steel, hot dip Zinc alloy, sherardizing Dacromet, HPL, cathodic protection, etc.) to meet the anti-corrosion requirements; the [stand fixed]® system black diamond series screw piles made of polymer materials are used to solve the problem of corrosion and weather resistance in strong corrosive environments.


[stand fixed]®Support system design calculation

Provide design calculations for a variety of environmentally friendly quick pile foundations, adjustable brackets, etc., including spiral piles. According to the specific conditions of each project, NorthMan provides personalized design solutions that meet engineering requirements. The field test results are used as the basis for determining the design parameters.

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