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|  Scheme design:

The matching of solar radiation amount and system efficiency distribution in each month;

The layout of the photovoltaic area reduces shading, line loss and component arrangement;

The design of the PV area convergence scheme, parallel mismatch and MPPT loss;

The solution of photovoltaic array support system is environmentally friendly and fast design;

The matching design of components and inverter capacity and working voltage;

Construction operation(图1)

Bracket: anti-corrosion technology, reliability, fixed bracket;Inverter: inverter efficiency, power quality, safety protection;bus: Circuit Breaker Selection, overload capacity;

|  Construction organization design:

Guided by comprehensive resources and construction cycle, NorthMan Energy formulates effective construction organization plans based on the specific characteristics of specific projects, analyzes the key points and difficulties of project construction, summarizes potential problems, and integrates human resources, funds, and resources according to the characteristics of the project itself. The five elements of materials, machinery and construction methods shall be scientifically and reasonably arranged, so that during the overall construction time, the on-site measurement and setting out, the establishment of control networks, the positioning of piles, the construction of pile foundations, the hidden acceptance of pile foundations, and the installation of support columns , Inclined beam installation, beam installation, bracket acceptance, photovoltaic cell module installation, cleaning, individual acceptance, etc. A series of work can be organized, planned and orderly carried out, and the project can be of good quality, fast progress, and low cost. Delivery within time.

Standardized construction management:

Procedure system: construction organization approval, drawing review, non-conforming item management, equipment acceptance management; material technology and test, engineering inspection; technical transformation, engineering change, engineering acceptance;

Quality control: quality control in the construction phase is divided into pre-, in-process, and post-control according to the time stage of the formation process of the engineering entity; to achieve unified procurement and deployment of spare parts and reduce costs;

|  Power station operation and maintenance:

In view of the complex site conditions of various types of photovoltaic power plants, a scientific operation and maintenance system and a complete equipment guarantee system guarantee the failure rate of equipment and control the power loss;

The intelligent remote monitoring system can monitor key parameters such as photovoltaic system efficiency, equipment status, power curtailment rate, etc., realize monitoring and unified management of multiple new energy electric fields, improve the comprehensive management level of photovoltaic power plants, and reduce operation and maintenance costs;

High-quality and high-skilled on-site operation and maintenance team, together with the background expert fault handling system;

Establish centralized regional maintenance centers to reduce labor costs of photovoltaic power plants;

Realize the unified procurement and deployment of spare parts and reduce costs.