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Analysis of the advantages of floating power plants in the era of parity

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 Analysis of the advantages of floating power plants in the era of parity

NorthMan was invited to participate in the "Fifth New Energy Power Plant Design Engineering and Equipment Selection Seminar" and gave a wonderful speech

From July 24th to 25th, the "Mendao 2020 Fifth New Energy Power Plant Design Engineering and Equipment Selection Seminar" co-sponsored by China Photovoltaic Industry Association, POWERCHINA Guiyang Survey and Design Institute, and PhotovoltaicMen was held in Guiyang ,government authorities, new energy power generation development investment companies, power design institutes, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers and third-party organizations and many other unit leaders, industry experts and representatives from all parties gathered in Guiyang.

 Analysis of the advantages of floating power plants in the era of parity (图1) Analysis of the advantages of floating power plants in the era of parity (图2)

 Analysis of the advantages of floating power plants in the era of parity (图3)

At the time of closing the '13th Five-Year Plan' and moving towards the transition of the '14th Five-Year Plan', we will focus on the problems, opportunities and challenges faced by the new energy industry, share the experience and results obtained in the development process, and the new energy industry in the future parity era In-depth exchanges were held on topics such as the development trend of the company, and product technology development and transformation. NorthMman Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the meeting. The company's technical director Gao Chao attended the meeting and gave a wonderful speech entitled "Analysis of the Advantages of Floating Power Stations in the Era of Parity", which aroused widespread resonance among colleagues in the industry.

NorthMan Technical Director Gao Chao made a wonderful speech at the meeting

In his speech, Director Gao Chao reviewed the development history of floating power stations and shared NorthMan’s experience in the construction of surface power stations. He pointed out that 2020 is the last year of national subsidies for photovoltaic power stations, whether it is product prices or project construction costs. All are on the basis of bidding and parity to accelerate cost reduction. In surface power stations, the floating type will have more advantages.In the past, people generally felt that the cost of floating power plants was high, mainly because the price of its raw material HDPE (high-density polyethylene) remained high, making the total cost unable to be reduced.In recent years, affected by a series of favorable factors such as the upgrading of floating body schemes, increased component power, and lower raw material prices, cheap floating power stations are no longer a dream, but a real appearance in front of everyone.

In addition, the surface floating power station has the following five obvious advantages:

The first is that the site selection has more advantages. The construction of surface floating power stations is not sensitive to geological conditions and water depth, and the selection of water areas is wider;

The second is that the floating power station is more flexible in installation, the floating body is modular in design, assembled on the shore, and the tug is towed to the anchor position; it is installed by building blocks, the construction is more convenient, the construction period is shorter, and the quality is more controllable;

The third is that more convenient operation and maintenance, each row of components has a trail for operation and maintenance, such as a flat ground, operation and maintenance work is more efficient and convenient, greatly reducing operation and maintenance costs;

The fourth is that the water body can lower the temperature of the module surface and increase the power generation; at the same time, there is less dust on the water surface, and the floating body has a good light reflection effect, which complements the application of double-sided modules;

The fifth is that the boundary benefits of floating power stations. A certain percentage of floating power stations are laid on the water surface, which can effectively reduce the evaporation of water bodies and inhibit the growth of algae; combined with fish farming, the benefits will be doubled;

Gao Chao said: my country and Southeast Asia have vast water areas. In the future, floating water power stations will have broad development space in the field of new energy investment and construction.

During the meeting, NorthMan representatives conducted in-depth discussions with elites in various fields such as well-known enterprises, research institutes and manufacturers in the industry. "Under the influence of the epidemic, how should the photovoltaic industry stand out; how to optimize products, technologies, and construction models to meet the market demand for cost reduction and quality improvement; and how will the design, engineering and equipment selection of photovoltaic power plants change" Exchanged opinions on the topics.

 Analysis of the advantages of floating power plants in the era of parity (图4)

 Analysis of the advantages of floating power plants in the era of parity (图5)

 Analysis of the advantages of floating power plants in the era of parity (图6)

NorthMan Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the photovoltaic industry for many years and can provide integrated solutions for the construction of surface photovoltaic power plants, including a package of products and services such as scheme design, R&D and manufacturing, equipment installation and after-sales service. The NAS series floating body products independently developed and produced by NorthMan have obtained nearly 50 national patents, and have passed the authoritative testing and certification of the National Solar Photovoltaic Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, CTC National Photovoltaic Quality Inspection Center and TUV. Up to now, NAS series floating products have been used in the "Hua Neng Huancheng 100MW Photovoltaic Power Generation Project, the Leading Photovoltaic Technology Base of Huaneng Weishan Coal Mining Subsidence Area", and the "Huainan Panji 142.21MW Water Surface Photovoltaic Demonstration Base of the National Advanced Technology Photovoltaic Demonstration Base of Lianghuai Mining Subsidence Area in Three Gorges Anhui Power Station Project", "Jinko Jining Weishan Huancheng Leader Base Water Surface Photovoltaic Power Station Project" and "Linyang Yongrui Suixi County Liuqiao Town Coal Mining Subsidence Area Photovoltaic Power Generation Project" and many other projects have performed well in applications, and It withstood the blizzard of 30 centimeters at its thickest point in January 2018, and the test of severe weather such as typhoon "Capricorn" in August that brought high winds of over 17.2 meters per second and heavy rains.It has already become a brand symbol in the construction field of  water surface floating photovoltaic power station

In the future,NorthMan will continue to carry forward the craftsman spirit of "no fear of challenges and continuous innovation", and insist on creating higher value for customers with high-performance and high-quality products and services.