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Recruiting talents |

|  Development manager of distributed photovoltaic:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Facing industrial and commercial resource parties, promote photovoltaic energy solutions and promote the implementation of projects;

2. Establish and maintain network relationships among regional governments, power companies, resource parties, and design institutes. ;

3. Develop the intended resource party, understand the characteristics of energy use and the demand of the resource party, and collect relevant business information to support the investment and technical team's evaluation of the project;

4. Participate in program design, provide business support from the perspective of meeting the needs of all parties, coordinate and organize team site visits, and organize relevant personnel to make business decision recommendations;

5. Negotiations on power purchase and sale contracts or energy management contracts with resource parties;

6. Familiar with the user energy project development process, and be responsible for handling relevant procedures and permits;

7. Organize and transfer the work of the construction team to cooperate with the smooth progress of project construction.

Job qualifications:

1. Full-time unified enrollment college degree, electrical automation, marketing and related majors are preferred;

2. 3 to 5 years of working experience in the photovoltaic industry;

3. Preferential consideration for working experience in rooftop photovoltaic and energy storage;

4. Have extensive and good industrial and commercial resources;

5. Have a deep understanding of the domestic power market and related policies;

6. Good business awareness and excellent coordination and language skills;

7. Adapt to business trips and have English communication skills.

|  Distributed photovoltaic technology manager:

Job responsibilities:

1. Facing industrial and commercial resources, promote photovoltaic energy solutions and promote the implementation of projects;

2. Participate in plan design, coordinate and organize team site surveys, collect and sort out technical data for plan planning, technical plans, feasibility study reports, drawing construction drawings, etc., answer technical questions, prepare configuration lists, equipment selection, etc.;

3. Familiar with electrical convenience knowledge; familiar with equipment product performance;

4. Responsible for the technical disclosure of the project construction, technical supervision of the project, quality and schedule control, and solve the technical problems in the construction to coordinate with the smooth progress of the project.

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with the selection and cost of distributed photovoltaic 35kV and below electrical equipment and reasonable control, understand electrical primary and secondary systems;

2. College degree or above, electrical engineering and automation, electronic technology engineering or automation control and other related majors, familiar with national regulations and various regulations and specifications related to this major;

3. Have rich on-site technical support experience; skillfully use AutoCAD software, pvsyst, Tianzheng electric and other software;

4. More than 3 years of experience in distributed photovoltaic technology, able to adapt to business trips.

|  Purchasing manager of photovoltaic equipment:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiar with the photovoltaic market and freight distribution system, have short-term and long-term photovoltaic materials, equipment suppliers and supply channels;

2. Maintain relationships with suppliers, negotiate competitive prices and labor contracts;

3. Responsible for the company's procurement management, including: inquiry, price comparison, signing of procurement contracts, acceptance, evaluation and feedback summary work;

4. Control the operation of the entire procurement department and formulate short, medium and long-term procurement plans for photovoltaic project equipment;

5. Improve the company's procurement system, formulate and optimize the procurement process, in order to improve product quality and reduce procurement costs.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, purchase experience for more than 5 years, purchase experience in photovoltaic industry/new energy industry;

2. Familiar with the bidding and procurement process, familiar with supplier evaluation and assessment, and familiar with related quality systems.

3. Able to adapt to business trips.