Essential Tips to Prepare for the GMAT Exam

If you’re planning to take up admission in the graduate school, you may be confused with the application process. Even though your test scores are valid for a specific number of years, but it still has a high value in terms of admission in the best business school. If you’re planning to join the graduate school in next year or two it is best to start your preparation now.

 Every graduate program has a multitude of requirements and application deadlines based on your score criteria. Most of the students feel uncertain about how to prepare for the GMAT. The best GMAT coaching in Hyderabad will help you pursue your career in business, train you to your maximum capability provide you with the best coaches and study material and mentally prepare you to face the complicated questions asked in the exam.

Here are few tips to prepare for the GMAT exam

  • Necessary study materials: you will get the necessary materials online as well as in any library of your college or city (GMAT website is a good source of materials for prepping). Spend as much as time you get to prepare mostly on the subjects you struggle to understand.
  • Study early: if you want to score high then you must prep for an average of 121 hours. It is best to start studying early and follow the daily routine in order to be confident in your exam. Chalk out a study time table and try to follow it without postponing to the other day.
  • As you’ll are aware that there are four sections in the exam pattern:
  1. Quantitative section: It tests your mathematical skills in arithmetic, algebra and basic geometry consisting of 37 questions. The major topics covered in the arithmetic section are percentages, averages, ratio, profit /loss. In algebra permutations and combinations, probabilities, statistics and quadratic equations are given preferences. Basic concepts of geometry are included.
  2. Verbal section: verbal section consists of 41 questions; reading comprehension, critical reading and sentence correction.
  3. Analytical writing section: The business school you may apply will judge you on the basis of analytical writing skills; it may pick or discard your application. You will get 30 minutes to complete this section
  4. Integrated reasoning section: It mainly focuses on your ability to analyse multiple sources of data, within 30 minutes.
  • Determine your weak spots: The key to scoring well in the GMAT is to overcome your weaknesses and to know on which topic you lack and prepare for that.
  • Take the practice test provided by the GMAT this will surely help you to know your weak skills and on which topic you require to improve.
  • Answer all the given questions, there are penalties imposed on the questions which you do not answer.

Prepping for GMAT in Hyderabad ensures you’re taught by the best tutor who has mastered in the exam, as you progress in the topic you get more doubts to clear which is assisted by the GMAT tutors. The GMAT is not an easy exam but overall it’s a competition with 200,000 students.



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