When You Are In Need for Composite Structures- Resort to FRP Handrails

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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic or FRP handrails are one of the commonly used handrails in India. These handrails are composed of,

  • Epoxy
  • Silicon
  • Novolac
  • Phenolic
  • Polyester
  • Polyimide
  • Melamine

Why go for FRP handrails?
There are different kinds of handrails available in the market and there must be some genuine reasons why users resort more to FRP handrails than the others. Let us check out those reasons-

When you are looking for a temporary arrangement you will not go for a product which is bulky and difficult to shift from one place to another. FRP handrails are designed for quick movement. Another benefit of using FRP handrails is these can be easily installed. Generally the system is pre-fabricated at the manufacturing unit and then transported. Once it reaches the site, it can be easily installed using simple hand tools. Connections are easy to make with flexible angle connectors.

Be it a rectangular, circular or squared surface, FRP handrails can be easily installed on any type. There is no need to fix these handrails to the land; even there is no need to follow specific maintenance procedures. You can order for horizontal or inclined FRP square or round tubes to suit your requirements; FRP handrails are also available with two or three rails. Special picketed guardrails made with FRP are also in high demand.

What if none of the available FRP handrails meet your requirements? Good news is FRP handrails can be customized as per given specifications. From preferred looks to require shape and size, FRP is a material which can be easily molded to meet the unique requirements of the industries.

High Strength
Now light weight does not mean that the FRP handrails are weak or fragile. These handrails are a combination of high quality materials and hence strong. These handrails come with great tensile strength, which means the probability of breakages and wear outs are less even under high pressure.

Corrosion Resistant
Handrails are mostly used under aggressive working environments or under extreme humidity. Hence the risks of rust and quick damage is more when FRP handrails are not used. Rusted handrails not only fail to serve the purpose but also destroy the looks of the site. Corrosion often leads to requirement of frequent painting and makes the handrails conducive to electricity and heat; FRP handrails are free from corrosion and hence serve your purpose the best.

Fire Proof
How can you resort to handrails which are conducive to electricity? FRP is a material which is fire retardant and non-conductive. FRP does not get soft when exposed to heat and are also resistant to ultra violet rays. Hence be it your garden, complex or a thermal station, the chances of short circuit and shocks is almost negligible.

Low Maintenance
High strength and corrosion resistances are two factors which provide a long service life to the handrails. These are value for money as once you buy these products, there is no need for replacements for a long time span. Less maintenance and less purchases in turn make these products economical.

Good Looks
While handrails must be safe and strong, you cannot ignore its looks. These can mar the look of your beautifully decorated office or garden. FRP handrails are painted elegantly and sometimes even come with a surface veil, which gives an exquisite look to the products.Top FRP handrail manufacturers provide you with wide range of color choices, printed designs and patterns to choose from.

Which industries can use FRP handrails?
FRP handrails can be used at any industry looking for temporary boundaries. Some of the industries which use this kind of handrails frequently are:

  • Offshore platforms
  • High voltage pylons
  • Electrical substations
  • Transformer buildings
  • Geothermal power stations

Hence whatever be your need; from small platforms to massive complexes, FRP handrails can serve your purpose efficiently and easily.

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