How to Get the Best Celebrity Costumes and Jackets

The world is no more confined to our home, friends and family circle. The world as we know today has completely transformed from it was before. Today we know what is going on in the lives of people we love, adore and follow. Likewise, Hollywood is not the industry of America but the industry that leads the world. With English becoming the global language people all around the world watch and enjoy Hollywood movies. With the ever-increasing popularity of Hollywood, people not just follow the films but also the celebrities. From their attitude, their code of life, eating habits, lifestyle, and their wardrobe fans are just crazy about their favorite celebrities.  Especially, about their style statement, their streetwear, party wear and also the attires and costumes they dress in to portray a particular character in a movie. There many online shops like Amazon, eBay and American Suits who sell these stars costumes and jackets replicas at amazing discount prices. These stars replicas jackets have become the desire of the cosplayers and mad fans of the celebrities. But you don’t have to compromise on the quality because of the price. Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others are famous among fans for brilliant character portrayal and wardrobe. In the light of this, American Suits has made a huge assortment of celebrity jackets and costumes. Let’s have a look at some of the most demanding Celebrities Jackets | AmericaSuits among fans and cosplayers.

Star Trek: Chris Pine Leather Jacket

Chris Pine is known for taking roles in fantasy and Sci-Fi movies like Wonder Woman and the Star Trek franchise. He first appeared in the reboot series of the Star Trek in 2009 portraying the role of James T. Kirk. Since then he was part of the team Star Trek and talk of the town. Along with his good looks, Pine costumes were also stunning. One such jacket that he wore in the film is his fans’ favorite. American Suits has designed the same jacket for Chris Pine fans. At the amazing discount price, the quality is no less than the original Captain Kirk jacket as it is made up of genuine leather with a polyester lining inside. Added to its style are YKK zippers and four front pockets.Star Trek Chris Pine Leather Jacket

Supernatural: Dean Winchester Distressed Coat

Supernatural has become one of the longest running TV series successfully. The two protagonists Dean and Sam Winchester portrayed by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki fighting the monsters and demons have become favorite many. In addition to captivating thriller episodes, each season the outfits of the lead males are also very attractive. One such distressed jacket which usually Dean wears is very demanding among his fans. American Suits has created the exact Dean Winchester distressed coat for Dean’s fans at a remarkable price. Moreover, it is designed with original leather and polyester lining inside plus button closure on the front.

Supernatural Dean Winchester Distressed Coat

Firefly: Captain Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat

Nathan Fillion is known for playing the role of Malcolm Reynolds in the famous Sci-Fi Tv series Firefly. The series’ unique story and catchy lines along with Malcolm aka Mal wardrobe got famous. Particularly the unique Browncoat that was Mal signature outfit. Fans of Mal have very high demands for this Mal Browncoat. That’s why American Suits have created Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat with genuine cotton with hand sleeves made of high-quality leather exactly like the original.

Firefly Captain Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat

11 By Boris Bidjan Saberi Silver Satin Jacket

The Barcelona based designer Boris Bidjan Saberi is known for his imitable designs and representations of creativity in men’s wear that only a few have achieved. 11 Silver Satin Bomber jacket is one such piece by Saberi. Boris Bidjan has given silver a new definition and new trend in men’s wear.  American Suits presents you the same silver satin jacket as designed by Boris Bidjan Saberi at unmatchable discount prices. With front zip closure, full sleeves and woolen edges this Saberi Silver Satin jacket can be a perfect slaying outfit for you.

11 By Boris Bidjan Saberi Silver Satin Jacket

Red Dead Redemption II: Arthur Morgan Coat

Red Dead Redemption new version called Red Dead Redemption 2 will be soon released worldwide on 26th October 10, 2018, according to the source. It is one of the famous and most played video games among the gamers. The protagonist, Arthur Morgan is the favorite of every gamer. Arthur is the killer and thief. But still of Arthur is loved. Particularly Arthur Morgan coat is very much in demand by Arthur fans and cosplayers. American Suits, therefore has made a high-quality Arthur Morgan Coat for the fans. With wool outside and comfy viscose lining inside this will be perfect for coming winters. In addition to the comfort, the style that is standup collar, button closure, and full sleeves makes it must buy.

Red Dead Redemption II Arthur Morgan Coat

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