How To Pick A Bar Stool For Your Kitchen

bar stool for kitchen

Everybody wishes to design their kitchen by incorporating the best possible colour combinations and furnishings. You might also have a specific theme or ambience in mind which you would like to integrate into the available kitchen space.

For this purpose, you can get in touch with professionals who have significant expertise regarding kitchen design in northampton – that is if you are based in close proximity course! A professional will be able to understand your requirements better as they are familiar with the latest decor trends in and around the city.

One such trend in vogue nowadays involves including a kitchen bar or seating arrangement alongside the kitchen island. If you wish to incorporate this into your kitchen design, it is better to be well versed with some of the basics before you seek professional assistance.

So, we have discussed below specific types of bar stools which you can use in your kitchen-

Get over any height issues
To begin with, check the height of the kitchen island and accordingly look for different stool options. This is necessary because you do not want a really short or tall stool as you could end up sitting in an uncomfortable posture.

In fact, be sure about the ideal height for your stool before you go ahead with the construction. While selecting the height also take into account the amount of foot traffic your kitchen is likely to experience and the age group of frequent visitors.

For instance, if you expect a number of kids to be roaming around the house then it would be foolish to choose a tall stool.

Keep purpose in mind
Nowadays, a kitchen island is not only used to prepare food but also for several other purposes like entertainment, reading and even for work (sometimes). If you ask any homeowner they will  tell you that kitchen is the heart of their home and they cannot take the risk of going wrong with kitchen decor for fear of having to refurbish it again and again.

Therefore, it is wise to pick a durable and supreme quality stool.

People may sit, spill, lean, climb, or do many other things when they are around the kitchen island. If you have kids at your place then they might also stand on the stool. Some kids end up using these stools as a rocking chair, hence consider this fact while picking up a stool.

It Doesn’t have to match with cabinets
There is no general thumb rule about kitchen bar stools matching up to the cabinetry. They can match but it is not necessary, so do not forcefully choose a colour or shade that you dislike personally just because it goes with your cabinet design.

There is a wide array of colour options for bar designs, kitchen designs, backsplash and the cabinetry as well. So, pick the one you like and which you feel goes well with the furnishing.

If you are confused about which option to pick you can always seek assistance from a professional. You can also try pulling colours from other rooms of your home so that your kitchen appears to be colour coordinated with the rest of your home.

Spin or not to spin
Your heart may be set on a particular seating arrangement, but space limitations might hinder your chances of implementing it in your kitchen. If you do not have sufficient space you could place small stools that don’t spin as they consume lesser space instead of completely scrapping the idea.

But, if you have additional space, you have the liberty to pick from a wide array of stools that spin and the ones that don’t. People usually, prefer to spin around rather than sitting in the same posture for a long duration.

Such stools require sufficient space so that people can climb into the stool and comfortably swivel in it.

Another concern of homeowners is that children tend to play in such stools and the stool may hit their kitchen island. But if you have the same concern then you can opt for stools with a padded back which do not really harm the surface of the kitchen island.

Apart from the colour and style, the material of the stool should also be taken into account so that your stool does not appear at odds with other aspects of your kitchen design. This type of setting is usually preferred and looks beautiful for open kitchens. However, with the right guidance it is possible to implement such designs for enclosed kitchens.

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