How to Save Traffic Cost In Google AdWords Search

Before I start discussing about how to save traffic cost in AdWords or what are the tips to get higher rank In Google SERP lets discuss what actually google AdWords is.

What is Google AdWords?

If you have just started a new business and want lead from day one then this tool is for you. Although you can also rank on google page through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is absolutely free but being a new website it’s a bit of tough job if competition is high. Hence for new entrepreneurs to overcome with this issue Google provide a tool called AdWords through which you can run Ads on Google webpage and on Google partner’s site like YouTube etc. There are different types of Ads we can create an AdWords like Search Ads, Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Mobile Ads and even YouTube Ads .Since this tool is available for everyone so the competition to get your ads higher will be more. But no need to worry below I will discuss how to rank high and beat your competitors and in AdWords higher rank means you will have to pay less for every click.

Tips To Get Higher Ad Rank:-

Since on every Google’s search page there are 7 places where Ads appear. Each Ad have its Ad rank and Ad at higher place will pay less than the lower ones. So below are the few tips to get higher Ad Rank.

Keyword Relevancy:

As we know Ad will be displayed according to keyword. Keywords are actually the query written by users. So that keywords should be used on you Ad copy as well as in your Ad group level. Keywords can be taken from keyword planner available in AdWords its self and you can select according to your niche, competition and cost of that particular keyword will also be given.

Landing Page Relevancy:

Just like keyword relevancy this landing page relevancy is also important. Since we know user came across to your Ad according to your keyword, so whenever user clicks on your Ad the landing page should be according to that keyword with h1 tag. This will increase relevancy as well as user experience and trust will also be created.

Adding Extensions:

Adding call extensions or app download extensions also helps in increasing the Ad rank as you are giving additional information about your product and services. Additionally using call extension there is a possibility that user might call you before clicking your ad which can actually save you CPC cost.

High CTR:

CTR means click through rate and it calculated as no of clicks divided by no of impressions. Impressions means no of time your Ad is shown. So if CTR is high that means your Ad is more relevant according to according to user searches so Google consider such Ads more useful hence this helps in increasing Ad rank/ position.0

Bidding Really Matter:

What if two ads have same quality score then what will be their position? Answer is quite simple, whosoever bid is high will be positioned higher than the other one. But remember bidding can only be done between the ads having same quality score.

High Quality Keywords:

Using low quality keyword might cause you ranking. Alert! Using low quality keyword might drastically reduce your ranking. So whenever campaign is created use high quality keywords only and take a look on lower ones. Hence these are the few tips through which you improve your quality score and rank higher on google search page and will have to pay less for every click.

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