Microsoft ‘Robot OS’ Coming for Windows 10

Robot OS for Windows 10

People are always fascinated by the robots all over the world. No wonders, how much human lives have been changed by the robots from the last few years. These advanced robots are complementing our lives both at work and at home. Industries are aware of the benefits of robots in manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and real estate.

Developers wish to build robots more aware of their surroundings, easier to program and safer to be around. The world is curious about the robots. Various governments, industry manufacturers and academicians around the world are investing in the next generation of manufacturing.

Windows has always been trusted for Robotics and other industries worldwide. Microsoft has announced an experimental release of Robot Operating System, for windows on 28 September. This announcement comes as a part of the ROSC in 2018 that is being held in Madrid, Spain. Microsoft has joined the ROS Industrial Consortium, an open source project which is focused on extending ROS to manufacturing for industrial robotic applications.

Now with Robotics Operating System (ROS) for windows, the developers can use the visual studio toolset with A.I and cloud features.

The Goal of Launching This Robot Operating System?
The main aim behind launching this operating system by the Microsoft Company is that this development will bring the manageability and security of Windows 10 IoT enterprise to the innovative ROS ecosystem. Windows want to bring the advanced intelligent edge to the robotics by introducing features like Windows machine learning, computer vision, Azure Cognitive services and other Microsoft technologies to every corner of the world.

What are the features of ROS?
“ROS is a set of libraries and tools that are used to design complex robots and windows 10 IoT”. In detail, if we talk about ROS then, Enterprise delivers enterprise manageability and security solutions to industry based IoT devices used in retail, manufacturing healthcare and other industries. Microsoft is also presenting a ROS simulation environment running in Azure. It demonstrates a swarm of robots running in a virtual; world connected to an orchestrian system and controlled through Azure IoT.

With the advancements of robots, Microsoft is planning to experiment into advanced developments tools. This company will host the Windows builds for ROS1 and shortly ROS2. They will also provide the documentation, development and deployments solutions for the windows.

Although. Microsoft is not completely open about how and when it is planning to participate in the robotics space. But there are so many robotics projects and initiatives are happening at the company. They have a greater vision for the upcoming year 2019 and have already started to take major steps to make their upcoming year better and they can surge ahead and provide better services to their consumers globally.

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