The Benefits of Using Power Transformers

power transformers benefits

Since the invention of transformers, there has been a great use of them in the electrical industry. It is almost impossible to talk about electronics without mentioning transformers. Transformers are available in various types according to the requirements. They all have their own benefits.

Power transformers in India are not different from this and their use is of great help in the electrical industry. Despite being one of the important topics its benefits are still unknown to many people. This article is a help to understand the common benefits that power transformers offer. At first, it is important to know about power transformers and then come to their benefits.

Power transformers
The definition of transformers defines them to be the electrical devices that are used to transfer power from one circuit to another. This transfer makes use of the process of Electro-Magnetic Induction. Also, the transfer occurs while keeping the frequency same.

A power transformer is a type of transformer that usually denotes a type of transformer with a rating of 500KVA or greater. They fulfill the real purpose of transformers by transferring energy. The transformation of energy usually takes place between the generator and the distribution primary circuits. Power transformers in India and other countries are used as an interface in stepping the voltages up and down in distribution systems. Their lifespan is around 30 years.  They can be classified into three categories namely small, medium, and large power transformers.

Small, medium, and large power transformers

  • The difference between the three mainly lies in their range.
  • Small power transformers: Their range varies from 500-7500kVA.
  • Medium power transformers: They can be from 7500kVA to 100MVA.
  • Large power transformers: Their range can be from 100MVA and beyond.

They help in the transformation of voltage. Low voltage, high current circuit is on one side of the transformer and on the other side there is a high voltage low current. These transformers depend on the Faradays Induction.

As mentioned earlier, they find a great use in the electrical industry. Power transformers in India and other parts of the world are used in various electronic circuits because of their ability to alter from one voltage to another at higher power levels.

Transmission and distribution of electric power also fall under the category of their applications. Power plants, industrial plants, and electric utility companies make good use of power transformers.

The general purpose involved here is to transmit the heavy loads. Thus, this becomes one of the main applications of power transformers. High voltage transmission network uses power transformers to step up and step down the voltage.

Because of their big size and use in the transmission network, they do not connect directly to the consumers. These results in less load fluctuation and thus are a thing of benefit.

They are designed with an aim of using the core part for maximum. They will function very much near the knee point of the B-H curve. The mass of the core is taken down. Corresponding copper losses and iron losses are quite natural at higher load.

The above-mentioned applications act as some of the great advantages of using power transformers. Power transformers in India play a vital role in power transmission. The biggest benefit coming out from the power transformers is the cheaper and easier transmission of power. They are very efficient, and their efficiency is known to be more than 99%. They are long-lasting with a good lifespan.

This makes them suitable for use even after years. They are successful in providing the required current and voltage. Thus, they open the doors of efficiency in power transmission.

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