Some Sizzling Marketing Strategies by Leading Companies

Some Sizzling Marketing Strategies by Leading Companies

A business is seriously handicapped if there is no proper marketing strategy to push the business forward. Unlike a business plan, the main focus of a marketing plan is retaining their existing customers and getting new customers. A marketing plan is very much strategic and includes a number of facts and objectives in a clear direction. According to a top Digital Marketing agency in the USA, a good marketing campaign features the tools and ingredients that are used to successfully achieve the goals that the company has set for achieving the sales.

However, to achieve the sale goals, the major prerequisite is to come up with an excellent marketing plan and ensure the correct execution. Not everyone can achieve this task since it requires out of the box planning and a lot of hard work to come out with a plan that really clicks.


In this article, we have jotted down a rundown on some sizzling marketing strategies.

The Red Hot Pizza Parka

Pizza Hut planned to promote its oven hot delivery system with their limited edition red hot ‘Pizza Parka’. This jacket was made of the same material as its new delivery carrying pouch. This came out as the result of the company’s two-year hard work to produce a delivery system that would get the pizza to the customers in an oven hot state.

Dunkin Doughnut used the ‘Dancing Pumpkin Man’ Meme to Promote Their Halloween Doughnuts

Back in 2017, the Dunkin Doughnut franchise revived the video of the ‘dancing pumpkin man’ to promote their Halloween themed doughnuts. This video went viral in 2009 and Dunkin Doughnuts used it to promote their very for their very first Halloween edition doughnuts.

Burger Kings and The Twitter Trolls

Last year a Twitter user took to Twitter to show his disappointment on the fact that the Wendy’s removed spicy chicken nugget from their menu list. This followed a parade of angry tweets by a lot of people. Taking full advantage of this situation, Burger King took the opportunity to take a jibe at their rivals. Burger King promoted the angry tweets and people loved it.

KFC and Their Twitter Account

This one is definitely our favorite. Recently a Twitter user found out that KFC’s Twitter handle follows only 11 accounts. The six of them belong to people with the name ‘Herb’ and the other 5 are the Spice Girls. This clever move is basically pointing out their secret formula of 6 herbs and spices and we absolutely LOVE it.

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