Three Types of Investors in Pakistan


The behavior of every Pakistani investor varies because of the number of different investing options available. The social, cultural and economic factor affect the investment style in Pakistan. Due to frauds and scams, people usually feel fear in capital investment. That is why in Pakistan, the investment culture is completely based on the investor’s ability to take risks, and the duration after which the investor will get the profit on the investment. However, Aqeel Karim Dhedhi is never afraid of taking risks when it comes on making a new investment in different business ventures like AKD investment, AKD securities, Cattle show, and others.

On the basis of their ability to take risks, there are three types of investors exist in Pakistan.

The Safe Players

The safe player always feels insecure in taking high risks. The safe player usually invests their capital amount into the Money Market or Income Funds in order to keep their principal investing amount safe. They usually avoid investing in the stock market due to the higher risk rate. Their major purpose of the investment is to get the return in order to meet their short-term goal.

The Moderates

The Moderators usually are those who have the potential to take a little risk. This kind of investors don’t believe in taking the higher risk however, the low rate of return does not attract them much. These Moderate investors usually believe in investing in Gold saving accounts of buying and saving the certificates in banks. These investment options keep their capital investment safe by providing decent profits. Moderate investors can conveniently invest in Asset Allocation Funds by investing one capital ratio into the Fixed Income Funds and other Stock Market. To get the higher return the fund manager keeps allocating the funds by targeting the absolute returns. The fund manager takes care of the investment of the Moderators while he observes the situation from the back and waits for the profit on investment.

The Adventurers

These type of investors never mind in taking big risks to invest their capital because they believe that the more you take the risk the more you will get the benefit. The Adventures often invest in equity funds to meet their bigger goals after the yield maturity of the fund. These type of funds helps the investor to achieve long-term goals like marriage or buying some property.  The adventurers also invest in buying different currency by hoping to earn high-profit margin when their value increases. They themselves keep an eye on their investment and actively monitor their return.

Indeed Aqeel Karim Dhedhi is one of the Adventurous investors who took high risks that most of the time pays him off. He never afraid of starting up new and innovative ventures and also help others by investing in their businesses. So, if you have any confusion about where to invest and how to invest, first analyze what type of investor are you and how much risk you can easily take.

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