Top 5 Blogs in Pakistan You Need to Check Out

Top 5 Blogs in Pakistan You Need to Check Out

The World that we live in requires certain obligations to it and whether we like it or not, we still have to keep up with everything. Same goes with the obsession of our era with fashion trends, latest news, latest trends and how we are pressured un-deliberately to acquire them in some way. Thankfully, we are blessed with the Internet and with that Social Media to do the job of updating us with modern lifestyles and news. Add to that, the trend of blogging that we enjoy browsing and somehow adapt some points from it or love to know and talk(read: gossip) about them.

Pakistan if you talk about is no exception to this stigma. Surprisingly, Our blogs are quite creative and followed all over the world even by our beloved Indians! Yes, you heard right.

Therefore, lo and behold top 5 entertainment blogs in Pakistan that we think you should definitely follow!


Well, if you have resided in Pakistan yet are not aware of Mangobaaz then my friend you seriously are missing on trendy topics and updates on daily life. It is everyone’s going to platform to know the latest trends and other hot topics be it makeup related, fashion related or any controversial topic. Their content is created that engages your attention and get you hooked to it. Also, makes an impact on you to adapt it in some way in your lifestyle.

What it claims is that it is an online information and entertainment company that generates original and engaging content for the digital generation of Pakistan. MangoBaaz is redefining digital advertising in Pakistan by analyzing user data to generate meaningful stories that connect brands with an engaged audience.  Browse their website to know information on any topic you want.

Parhlo: is another well-known platform that represents the voice of youth and promotes Pakistani talent in liberating our Youth and gives rise to changemakers.
Google any topic and it will lead you to Unlike a few websites, it never falls prey to societal discrimination and promotes stuff regardless of any societal boundary. You can write for them as they have it as an option and get your article featured.
Go check it out if you haven’t already!


With that creative colorful logo, Karachista is the next big thing. Run by Salima Feerasta, representing the era in which women are breaking societal barriers and making it huge.
Coming to the blog, this website provides you information relating to fashion, entertainment, events, shopping and everything that’s happening in Karachi. It is counted as one of the biggest blogs of Pakistan, widely acknowledged here in Pakistan and overseas. Salima runs the blog and believes in the notion that we should praise cultural diversity and not remotely block it. So, check this blog and take advantage of information available.


Street buzz is our favorite to visit as it creates valuable and interesting content that hooks you in and makes you think about it. It claims to highlight important societal issues for the betterment of society so they kind of play their part in bringing a change. Their content, especially their Street buzz website is to die for and the theme it entails of black, yellow and white adds more points to the charisma.


As the name says it mostly generate content based on Karachi but that doesn’t mean that they don’t represent other parts of Pakistan or the world, because they do. The major focus is hough to highlight the beauty of Karachi along with its flaws and how we as citizens can help it overcome the challenges.

Browse in Karachessy to explore fun implored creative content, linking to any trending topic be it fashion, makeup, books, drama or any important news, with that alluring charisma to make you see both sides of the coin. If there is such a thing as to highlight issues at the same time providing solutions for it then this blog is that platform.


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