Toppings on a pizza that every meat lover should know about

Non-vegetarians prefer meat over anything and everything. They love all kinds of dishes which include chicken, beef, or even eggs. Most often, whatever cuisine they do try on, will be predominantly non-vegetarian. One of the most craved and popular option amongst meat lovers is Pizza. It is famous in all shapes and sizes, all over the world. Originally from Italy, it is made of flatbread topped and baked with tots of ingredients including heavy chunks of meat. Chicken or lamb is usually the most served toppings but people add bacon, beef and other meat options to add flavour to their mouth.

Pizza has now become more of a fast food option and many cuisines have tried to fuse the dish with their own traditional flavours, bringing in variety of flavours and options on the table. The main ingredients in a pizza include the base, the sauce, plenty of cheese, vegetables and of course, the meat for the non-vegetarians. If you are craving for a meat loaded pizza, here are a few options of meat that you can choose as your topping on your Pizza:

  1. Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular topping chosen worldwide to make the experience of eating a pizza more wholesome and delicious. Chicken can be served in various manners. Chicken breast can be topped as chicken chunks, shredded chicken and other options. One can order online grilled chicken pizza, chicken barbeque pizza, based on the flavour they like the most.

  1. Pork

Ham or bacon is also excellent options for toppings on a pizza. Bacon is the cured form of pork and makes the pizza crunchy, smoky and more delicious. Bacon is loaded with flavour which you will taste in every bite thanks to the fat seeping into the base. You can go easy on the salt, as bacon produces plenty of it on its own.

  1. Lamb

Pizza without Pepperoni is considered dull and boring by many non-veg lovers. Pepperoni can be made by combining pork and beef, but most often lamb Pepperoni is a great hit among many people.

  1. Beef

Beef is also trending on a pizza, thanks to the rich flavour it has to offer. Beef can also be cooked as chunks which can be barbequed or grilled. It is also made into sausages, pepperoni and other meat variations and served with different kinds of sauces.

  1. Sausages and Salami

Sausages and Salami can be made from any kind of meat mentioned above. The flavour is chewy, meaty and appealing and in turn enhances the taste of the pizza to a great extent. It can also be cooked in different ways and mixed with various sauces as well.

These are some of the toppings that are a must try if you are a non-vegetarian Pizza lover. You can add all of this together onto one pizza to get a heavy loaded meat pizza which will definitely tickle your taste buds. Remember, choose the right outlet where the meat is cooked right, otherwise the whole experience might be a disaster both physically and mentally.

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