If you are targeting to brand your Joomla website, it is imperative for you to be good at search engine optimization. With the aid of SEO, you can increase the page ranks of your site on search engines. Online SEO and brand marketing experts in the niche state that using search engine optimization tips is one of the most effective and reliable ways for you to brand your Joomla website. Some natural and practical SEO tips for you is to incorporate engaging content, use web design, go in for an excellent Joomla template and use relevant and proper keywords on your website.

5 Top SEO tips for your Joomla website
The following are 5 top SEO tips for your Joomla website:

Always enable search friendly URLs
Search engines can identify URLs that they can read. It is essential for you to hire experts to check your website URLs to make them shorter with keywords. This will help search engines identify your website and rank it on their pages faster. The motive here is to make your links more user-friendly for search engines to catch and rank.

Make use of a suitable sitemap and submit it to Webmaster Tools
Google needs help when it crawls your website, and here a sitemap can help it recognize the pages in your site. You should make use of XML and HTML sitemaps when you are looking for better URLs for your Joomla website. You may use Xmap that is a free extension for Joomla. It is simple for you to install this map with the structure of your site menu. Once you have done so, you may log into the webmaster tools of Google and submit it so that the search engine can index your site faster.

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Meta Descriptions and Page Titles
if you wish to optimize your website, it is crucial for you to insert good meta descriptions and page titles. You should create a short description for each webpage of your Joomla website. This description should make sense and be approximately 70-160 characters long. These descriptions are shown in the search engines results page or the SERP page. When you are creating SEO friendly titles and descriptions, it is vital for you to add keywords so that it makes a good positive impact on search engine optimization for your Joomla website.

Alt tags for images
It is always essential for you to hire ultimate hat guide experts to evaluate your Joomla website and help you with the optimization of your site images.  With the aid of an alt tag, you can add a short description to the photos of your website. This will help those people that cannot see the image. A good alt tag will contain about 4-8 words that describe the image out of which one word should be your keyword. With the help of a reasonable alt tag, you not only give your site images relevance but you effectively can ensure that the picture makes complete sense. There is another critical step that you should do, and that is to optimize your robots.txt file. This file helps bots, crawlers, and spiders of search engines to see your content on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This text, the file also decides what these bots, spiders, and crawlers cannot see. This is why you must enable the Disallow option in the image folder so that you can allow the search engines to see the images that you wish to be indexed.

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Using Joomla SEO plug extensions
With the aid of Joomla SEO plug extensions, you can ensure that your website is indexed for search engines. Many excellent and useful SEO extensions are available in the market. They help you when it comes to positive search engine optimization of your website. They allow you to set configurations for your title, robots, meta tags and other keys for Google Verification. You may make use of these SEO extensions for the efficient optimization of your Joomla website. They are simple for you to install and use for your site. Some essential SEO extensions that are perfect for Joomla websites are SEO Generator and Xmap.

Therefore, if you are the owner of a Joomla website, it is imperative for you to keep the above points in mind. It is evident that when it comes to search engine optimization, it is essential for you always to use White Hat SEO techniques that are safe and effective for the real search engine optimization of your website. Ensure that you hire credible and skilled SEO experts that have years of likely experience when it comes to effective search engine optimization. In this way, you can improve search engine optimization ranks and get the competitive edge on the market with better web visibility and online presence.

Derek Iwasiuk is an online marketer and SEO ultimate hat guide expert that helps clients with search engine optimization for their Joomla websites.