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Laptops are one of the basic needs of life these days, especially if you are an employee and a student. It can help you do many tasks on it without having to wander anywhere in search of a cyber café and depend on your home PC for it.

When you have a laptop with you, you can enjoy absolute freedom in terms of doing any task from your comfort and from anywhere. It is because of laptops that many people are able to do their job while being in any location without being physically present in a company.

If you wish to know the importance of a laptop these days, then you should go through this post to unveil significant reasons for buying it. Read on!


One of the top reasons for employees and students and many other people to buy a laptop is the ultimate convenience that it brings to them. Yes, a Lenovo Laptop and any other brand laptop is portable, which means that you can take them anywhere. What’s more, having a laptop also assists in managing your time and productivity if you have urgent that needs to be done urgently. Example – taking a laptop to work and using it on break will help to free up your time later on in the day and week.


Desktops are capable of doing what laptops can do but consume much more space than a notebook. When you have a desktop PC, you also have to make space for keyboard, mouse, CPU, routers and multiple wires. It also means that a laptop will consume up to 4 times less space than a desktop PC. Hence, buying a laptop will help you with more space to work comfortably, especially if you have a space crunch.

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Other than the fact that you can always take your laptop (and your work) outside of your home and anywhere, you can also take in anywhere inside in your place. Yes, you can also transfer a desktop PC from one place to another inside your home. But, just imagine the time taken to uninstall it from one place and installed in another. Hence, if you live in a hostel and as a paying guest, you can take your laptop out and in another room from noisy roommates and carry on with your work comfortably.

Fir for business

If you are looking to start your own online business or working for a large company, then you can use your Lenovo laptop to assist you during meetings easily. What’s more, you can also conduct video conference from the comfort of your home with your clients if you are a small business owner. Hence, you can avoid going to their places and save money on booking a conference hall and refreshments.


When compared to a desktop computer, a laptop always comes with some extra features to help you. Example – Most Lenovo laptops and other branded notebooks come with webcams. Also, the cost of a keyboard and mouse are included in a notebook, which you need to pay extra if you buy a desktop and assembled PC.


Laptops are durable, but it does not mean that it will keep running for decades. Durable here means keeping up with the technology. With new features being launched smartphones every month, your mobile phones may become outdated soon. However, you should know that your laptop will continue to stay relevant as it was 3-5 years ago when you brought it home.

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Tablets vs laptops

Many employees and students buy a tablet and not a laptop, thinking that they are similar.  They also invest in a tablet for a much lower price compared to a laptop. A tablet is a great device for entertainment, but it is difficult to handle when it comes to creating word documents and creating notes. Hence, you should buy a laptop as it’s a one-time investment which will cater to both worlds – entertainment and work like a pro.

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The key reasons for purchasing a laptop are enlisted, which should help you make a buying decision.

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