About Us

IEF Tech is a Platform For Bloggers To Write, Share and Promote Their Views on Internet Technology. We (IEF Tech) Planned and Developed This Platform For Bloggers as well online readers.

What is IEF Tech?
This is very different name and if any person listen this, he will think, what is this? Let me explain What is IEF Tech and Why we choose this name!

This is nothing but a Techy and awkward Name, Which is Planned By Our Team with the concept in mind that Tech is not Easy and Life of Techy Geek is also Difficult as You Speak and Pronounce The Name “IEF Tech” 🙂 – Isn’t it funny! We like to make work funny or we enjoy our work as a fUn’

We want to build bloggers community who can write on various topics of Internet Technology Industry which may be useful for students, Kids and all generation people BUT Good Content which can be accessed by Kid to Old Age people.

Yes, we are also planning to manage Guest Bloggers. We are working on a TASK to manage and maintain Guest Bloggers and their contents. Because we want to give something to our bloggers and guest bloggers. We will be happy if Guest Bloggers Like to be a permanent member of IEF Tech Family.