As our media consumption increases by the hour, buying storage drives with larger capacity becomes inevitable. In addition, since “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”, managing the partitions of the drive becomes that much more important.

AOEMI Partition Assistant Helps You Responsibly Manage Your Partition

While Windows users may flaunt the Disk Management utility that is baked into Windows, but we all know that it’s not the best tool for users without the right amount of technical prowess. The User Interface that the Disk Management utility offers on a whole is pretty “Windows 98-ish” which raises more problems than it solves.


While there are a number of third-party free partition manager for drive management, there is a reason why I keep coming back to AOEMI’s offering:

Enter AOEMI Partition Assistant

AOEMI’s Partition Assistant is by far the best drive management utility that I have come across. It is loaded with features and comes in 2 flavors, Standard and Professional. While the Pro version may set you back $49 USD, the Standard version comes in at a sweet price of $FREE.99. Either ways for the functionality it offers makes it an absolute ‘Bang for the buck!’.

We’re going to go through the Standard offering here which differs from the Pro in only a few features like migrating OS from GPT to MBR and you can also change MBR to GPT.

Let’s take a look at some of great the features in Partition Assistant (v5.8).


Clean UI: The application offers a sleek interface and users who have used such a utility before may find themselves right at home due to the way in which the information and options are organized. The functionality is presented in the form of wizards which are to the left of the screen and one can dig in deeper using the menus.

Disk Copy: Partition Assistant offers the best solution for creating a full copy of a hard-drive by cloning it. It will not just copy the data on the drive but also copy the information from individual sectors with no visible data. This feature really comes in handy when you are trying to extract data from corrupt drives.

Quick Partition: Another addition in version 5.8, this is a convenient feature , specially designed for users who need to partition a hard drive regularly or create the same partition layout for large number of computers.

Command Line Partition: This feature has been added in version 5.8 and it offers the safest and most efficient way of partitioning your drives via the command prompt.

Windows to Go creator: This by far is my favorite feature in this application. You can now pick up a thumb drive (at least 16 GB in size) and convert it into a fully functional Windows to go drive using Partition Assistant. This feature was only available for enterprise users but using partition assistant anyone can give it a fair shot.

Bottom line, while some may disagree to the fact that AOMEI’s Partition Assistant is the best drive management solution, the feature list when compared to its competitor’s offerings speaks for itself.

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