Artificial Intelligence

James Cameroon thought of the future when he made the film “Terminator” Then came the film, iRobot, where machines scored over humans. The films were huge success because the public thought in the opposite way of the super intelligence becoming a villain and harming human life. You can also find many novels in the internet which revolved around super robots and super humans. Now, the time has come where AI robots have replaced low level jobs in developing countries.

Yet, there is a difference. Machines are collaborating with humans to give a new dimension of technology to society. How else could you explain the popularity of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things? To move further in to the article, we have to understand both the titles. AI and IoT. We will deal with IoT in the next article. AI is a new technology that makes use of deep learning technologies and machine learning algorithms to better detect patterns and devise methodologies to solve the new problem.

Just look around you. AI is fast invading the market. You have definitely used Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant to make your life better. Companies are making use of AI to design the next version of their business models. And the biggest gainers are the customers. Now, AI and Internet of Things have even become a part of the electronic appliances in your home. You do not even have to get up from the bed to adjust the blinds in your bedroom (if you had installed special equipment and can control it via the app in your mobile).

If you take a close look at the developed countries, then home automation is already followed in US, Japan and Germany. By 2020, this market will touch more than 40 billion US dollars. Now, even investors are showing interest in this new sector.

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Smart Homes and Smart Appliances

In five years, by approximately 2023, many real estate builders in cities such as Bangalore will build apartments and homes suitable for smart appliances. Yes, in India and other Asian countries, slowly the technology is gaining ground. As of 2018, the move is considered too luxurious with only the elite opting for smart homes. But, yes, the technology is here to stay.

We have dealt with homes, but let us look into the appliances. The smart home appliance industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Even today, in India, there are several smart appliances which have entered the market to make human life better. How else could you explain the smart fridges, air conditioners and lighting? Now, even smart toilets have entered the market. In all, a sweet type of co-ordination has happened between appliances and humans.

But one factor remains common. An internet connection and your knowledge of how to handle the appliance. If you know how to handle Amazon Echo, then it is possible to control many of the appliances in your home even on remote locations. You also have the Alexa, a smart home assistant, where you can control lighting systems around the house. So what does this particular technology convey? It is that speech recognition and response to human speech has improved to a great extent.

When technology has improved to a great extent, can the resolve to save Mother Nature be far behind? These smart appliances are designed in such a way to save energy. So now you have these sensor lights in an office which automatically switch on when a human enters the office. It also gets switched off, when there is no human activity in the office. In the future, we can also have the same sensors in our home.

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After all, when WiFi entered the market, not many deciphered to have the same technology in homes. Now, in many Indian homes, having a WiFi has become common. In urban cities such as Bangalore, persons who run bachelor and spinster PGs, advertise free WiFi as an additional benefit to attract clients.

Smart air conditioners have become a common appliance in many international offices. This model can easily adjust the temperature as per the required conditions. Then, you have the microwave oven, which you can set to cook a recipe at particular temperature. Any variation, it will inform you with an alert message.

In the smart washing machine, you can program to receive an alert after the wash activity gets over. You can also receive vital information regarding the amount of detergent for a wash and many more. If you have installed a CCTV at home, it is possible to view guest activity and in-home events of your old parents and children.

Advancement in the home industry has moved at an alarming pace. The result is an entire set of new products which were considered as just mere fantasy a few decades ago. The Indian consumers have given a grand reception to these products. So, the main reason for this enthusiastic welcome is that the urbanite Indian wants to save time. He/she wants to transfer some of their duties to an appliance. And mind you, the appliances give the perfect result. They seldom do any errors, and their remarks are always accurate.

You have to give a hearty salute to the brand companies which have manufactured these appliances. The technology is a recent one, but they have designed the models in such a way, that even a common layman can handle the appliance easily. This aspect is the reason behind the huge sales of smart appliances.

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When you have smart appliances, can the start-up industry be far behind? In India, every urban Indian city has become host to a new set of companies which provide top quality doorstep repair services to customers. Let us imagine you are in Bangalore and want your official laptop to get maintenance service in a short span of time. You do not have to depend on referrals or on established listing websites.

All you have to do is to search online for the best doorstep home maintenance company in Bangalore and download their app. You can hire the technician skilled in laptop repair in Bangalore by this method. It saves time, money and the rates are also affordable.


Yes, smart home appliances come at a price more than the normal models in the market. But kindly note, that it is a one-time investment. And they are more energy-efficient than their normal counterparts. They can help you save money and time by reducing your home’s intake of electricity bills.

The future looks bright for this industry. These appliances in the not so far future, but by a mere five years can become more affordable for the normal Indian population. Let us hope for the best.