Handling complex and countless processes of the enterprises has never been a cinch. But the availability of business management software has provided major support to companies in carrying out their operations. There are scores of business integration applications that streamline and manage most, if not all, aspects of the businesses as an all-in-one solution. The business management software is intended to accomplish a variety of tasks across the organization i.e., time management, productivity management, project and task management, customer relationship management and finance management.

Bitrix 24 is an efficient business management software allowing businesses to organize and monitor communication with customers, partners and agents. It facilitates businesses to expand and enjoy collaboration providing tools for time management, project management, customer relationship management, content sharing and instant messaging. The software provides the user with updates, notification settings and company announcements. It allows scheduling events and getting instant feedback from co-workers. The mobile application of Bitrix24 acts as a mobile intranet portal, CRM and HRMS system and is compatible with both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Wrike is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product offering project management and team collaboration. The cloud-based software helps streamline workflow, prioritize tasks, manage assignments and resources, track time, schedules, deadlines and other workflow processes. The collaboration features support internal communications and decision-making by groups. The prime aim of this software is to streamline business operations and emphasis on core tasks. It allows integration with enterprise tools including Microsoft Office, Adobe, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail and others. Wrike is available as Android and iOS mobile phone apps available offline and sync when internet connection is available.

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Logic Enterprise
Logic Enterprise is a customizable and comprehensive software solution for managing organizational process related to production, sales and distribution. It is a complete system for information management, financial management, inventory management, supply chain management, HR and payroll management, document management, budgeting, order processing, CRM, billing and invoicing. The efficient enterprise software presents dynamic controls and rapid data access to make strategic decisions.

Accurants is cloud-based software suite intended for SMEs allowing running business from anywhere, and any device. The software is claimed to be the best alternative for the known accounting software QuickBooks and Xero. It provides tools for project management, time management, customer relationship management, invoice e management, email marketing, invoicing, taxing, accounting and expense management. Moreover, it lets you manage all business products, services, employees and contractors.

As depicted by name, TimeCamp is time tracking software providing SMEs single platform to manage project, time and budget, and automate processes related to task management. It facilitates managing projects, time, productivity and HR operations. It tracks billable and non-billable hours to calculate payment of the employees working on an hourly rate, measures the effectiveness of work, and automatically generates invoices using time sheet. It is a multi-platform app compatible with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Android and iOS devices. It offers integration with other project management tools including Trello, Basecamp, Redmine, Asana, Wunderlist, Teamwork and many others.

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Workfront is a cloud-based business management tool providing a single platform for project management, time tracking, document management, resource management, portfolio management and workflow management. It increases productivity, automates recurring processes and simplifies managing and creating financial reports. The digital asset management feature facilitates marketers to collaborate, manage brands, control digital assets and streamline workflow. It allows integration with  Adobe Creative Cloud.

TheOneSpy is a cross-platform tracking software intended for businesses to monitor and manage human resources. It provides reports on websites and applications use letting the entrepreneur identify and eliminate workplace distractions and accelerate work efficiency. It allows monitoring the activities of the workforce in real time and tracks emails and keystrokes to sidestep data breaches. The software is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones, and Windows and Macintosh computers.

Kohezion is online database software intended for SMEs to create their own web-based business applications without programming. The enterprises can develop their own customizable apps to manage tasks, track sales and manage business operations. It centralizes information and allows collaborating with teams and clients sharing files and comments. Overall, it is a customizable database to serve the CRM requirements of businesses.

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OneSoft Connect
OneSoft Connect is customizable business management software letting the end-users manage customer relationships and organize documents, projects and day-to-day processes. It allows managing human resources, clients and contracts. The IT Asset Management features help maintain hardware, software and passwords. The software allows overviewing and managing the risks within the organization.

Wylie Systems
Wylie is cloud-based business management software offering finance management, inventory management, customer relationship management, sales management and email marketing. It allows users to produce progress reports, book multiple appointments and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by monitoring referral sources.  The sales management feature allows recording online sales and purchase transactions and managing online and credit card payments.

True business management software empowers entrepreneurs to track, evaluate, improve and control various aspects of the business. Make sure, the software you choose for your business supports getting things done, rather than leaving tasks unaddressed on your to-do-list.

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