Smart cities are emerging in response to an increasingly urbanized world dealing with scarce resources, along with the desire to improve energy efficiency. Moving a step forward in the automation industry is seen as the resolution to smart city challenges. The challenges majorly focus on reducing the electrical downtime and optimising the operations.

Emerging smart cities are a projection of urbanised world dealing with scarce resources, along with the desire to improve energy efficiency. One of the major innovations in support the accelerate the growing phase is the conversion of homes to smart homes.

With the home automation technology coming up, there are a number of issues that are taken care of like safety, convenience, energy saving etc.

Here is how home automation helps in fulfilling the smart city challenge:

  • Safety – Safety nowadays has been a major concern for individuals, their houses and industries. To secure the infrastructure, it is important to introduce checkpoints that take care of the security. Home automation technology works on IoT, i.e. all the home appliances are connected through a central hub. The central hub monitors the functioning of devices and ensures that there is no unwanted power or operational fault. Moreover, the smart panels are also used to grant access to enter or leave the premises.
  • Power Saving – Human tendency makes it possible to leave the power of an electric system switched on. This can be out of laziness or absence of mind. Access control helps you monitor the status of the connected device on the smartphone, desktop or tab. Moreover, you can control the device, turn it on or off when required.
  • MonitoringMonitoring apps can provide ample of information about the home, from the real-time status of the moment to a detailed history of events of the past. It allows you to check your security system’s status, whether the lights are on, whether the doors are locked, what the current temperature of your home is and much more. With cameras as part of your home automation system, you can even pull up real-time video feeds and literally see what’s going on in your home while you’re away.
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