Do you want to become a PHP developer? Are you confused about why PHP is better than any other language, and why you have to choose PHP? What are the career scope and job prospects? Is it a better career option or not? If yes, then the article will solve your lots of questions arise in your mind. Well, when it’s come to scope, PHP has lots of advantage over other programming languages.

php developer jobs


Here your answer why?

What is PHP? PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor language. It is a server-side scripting language that is used for web development and known as a backend language.

Why PHP Developer Jobs are better than other programming languages-

php developers jobs

  • Easy to learn
  • User-Friendly
  • Efficiency in programming
  • Supports All of the Leading Databases
  • Free of Cost
  • Familiarity with Syntax
  • Platform Independent

There are many IT or MNC companies in India which are now expanding their business and increasingly moving online to build a strong customer base. In an effort to provide more effective solution to their clients or build attractive and more responsive websites, the demand of the candidates for PHP developer jobs is also increasing in the job market. A career in this domain can be extremely fulfilling and offers a wide range of opportunities.  If you have decided to go into this field, then you must possess some additional skills and knowledge in order to sustain the best opportunity in such a competitive market.

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Education and skills needed to become a PHP developer

php developer jobs

A bachelor degree is must, to start a meaningful career as in web development. By obtaining a degree you can work in any small, medium-sized or large company. Some additional certificates in web development or database may help you in getting best opportunity. There are many institutes available that offer online courses to teach you all the skills that are required to become a successful developer. You can join those classes and can enhance your skill or knowledge by learning from online courses.

Responsibilities of a PHP developer:

php developer jobs

PHP developers are responsible to develop different static or dynamic websites by using multiple scripting languages. In addition to writing back-end code, they may also design website wireframes and layouts, work with team of web designers and developers to solve any technical issues.

 Average salary of an entry-level developer:

php developer jobs

The salary of an entry-level junior web developer is highly dependent on lots of factors such as company, location, experience, knowledge, and educational background. But according to payscale and Glassdoor an average salary of an entry-level PHP developer is around Rs. 243,983 per annum.

Career scope and job prospects:

php developer jobs

As, it is a very lucrative career option, the demand of the professionals is very high in the competitive job market. One can start their career by getting a job in top companies like HCL, Wipro, Infosys, and Accenture etc.

Organizations that hire PHP Developers include:

php developer jobs

  • Software design companies
  • Web design and development companies
  • Computer system design firms
  • Video game development companies
  • Internet application companies
  • E-commerce application development companies
  • Colleges and universities
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One can also earn good amount even by doing work as a freelancer. After gaining, few years of experience one can be an expert and can earn more. Candidates with all the additional skills and qualification can make a great deal by grabbing the best job opportunity in the top IT or MNC’s companies.

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