HVAC System

What Type of HVAC System Is Best for Your Business?

As an entrepreneur in Charleston, South Carolina, you realize that each choice you make, regardless of how apparently irrelevant, affects your business. The stationery...
Hearing Impaired People

Top Assistive Listening Devices For Hearing Impaired People

For all the hearing impaired individuals hearing aids are becoming a necessity for their daily life. However, in some cases, our hearing devices are...
Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient Engagement Complexities are Lesser than EHR Implementation

PES consultants still got a list of some healthcare providers who hesitate to implement new patient engagement software (PES). While you may have read about the gains of implementing patient engagement solutions, some providers still give a second thought to installing new software.
HL7 Messaging Technology

How HL7 Technology Innovating Healthcare System?

Health Level or HL7 messaging services are defined as a technology that has a set of standards, formats, and definitions used or applied for...
Enterprise Testing Strategy

5 Reasons To Implement Enterprise Testing Strategy

With regards to EHR integration, testing is as much about quality as it is with quantity. Accomplishing more tests won't help on the off...
Machine Learning

Benefits of Machine Learning In Healthcare Sector

In today’s healthcare environment, more data yields better results. The effectiveness of big data and machine learning can generate a value up to $100B...
mobility solutions

How Mobility Solutions Have Transformed The Face of Healthcare

With the ever-growing positive contributions of mobile devices and applications in literally every field of work in the world today, the healthcare industry is...
Healthcare Marketing Trends

Healthcare Marketing Trends In 2017

There is a significant degree of change in the US healthcare marketing as digital channels are overtaking the traditional marketing channels. A considerable shift...

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