Getting a new mobile phone today comes with several caveats. You will have to choose among numerous brands and models of smartphones, along with different operating systems. To be sure you choose the best device; you will also have to consider the primary use of your new phone, your lifestyle, and your budget.  What’s more, you must decide if it will be better to get a postpaid or a prepaid plan for personal use.

Benefits Offered by Prepaid Mobile Plans
Although both prepaid and postpaid plans come with several advantages, more people are choosing to get a prepaid plan today. Getting a prepaid mobile plan is a popular option in many South American, Asian, African, and Middle Eastern countries; this is a trend that is continuously on the rise.

Choosing a prepaid plan instead of a postpaid one is a popular option because it offers the following benefits:

It’s more affordable
A prepaid phone plan can save you quite a bit of cash, even when a similar postpaid plan is available. This is because there are no hidden fees, charges or taxes with prepaid plans. Postpaid plans are more expensive since they subsidize the cost of the handset and spread it out over the one- or two-year contract. With a prepaid phone, the monthly rate you will pay for is the flat, final fee. Your plan is set as long as you don’t go over the stated amount of data, call or messaging services you can use each month. Prepaid mobile plans do not come with any contracts either. As such, you won’t have to pay for any early termination fees if you want to switch networks if you are not satisfied with your current carrier.

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You can adapt your plan to suit your lifestyle and needs
Most telecom companies offer several options or bundles that will allow you to make the most of your plan. You can also top up these combos or bundles if you need to use the internet more or make frequent local and international calls every week or month. Many carriers also offer a “pay as you go” option wherein you will purchase a set rate, but you will only pay for the calls, text, and data you will use.  This feature will certainly allow you to save a lot on your mobile phone expenses.

You can select from a variety of devices
When you choose to go with a prepaid plan, you can pick a phone you like from the selection of different handsets your chosen carrier offers. You will have a variety of Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, or MeeGo devices to choose from. You can even select the latest, more expensive smartphone or older versions if you’re on a budget. You also have the option of buying an unlocked GSM phone from another vendor, buy a SIM card from your preferred service provider, and insert it into your device. Once the SIM is loaded or topped up, you can start using your new smartphone with no contract and no commitments.

Prepaid plans can connect you everywhere
Telecom companies now offer great Internet connectivity which you can use or access regardless of where you are.  With 3.9G or Speed 4G Internet plans, you won’t have to rely only on your call and text message allowances to stay in touch with your family and friends inside and outside the country. When you use online messaging, voice, and video calling apps, you won’t even have to pay anything to talk to your loved ones and friends.

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Prepaid plans come with great service
Many people have the misconception that prepaid plans come with bad or sub-par services. This may be the case if you pick a carrier that doesn’t have their own network – something that is quite common for small or start-up telecom service providers. But as long as you choose a reliable and established service provider, you will get the same quality of service and coverage that come with postpaid plans.

You will enjoy a high degree of freedom
Prepaid phone plans do not come with too many restrictions and, as such, you will enjoy using one for a long time. For instance, with a prepaid plan, you can switch plans anytime you want, especially if you find a different one that suits your lifestyle and needs better. You can also change devices as often as you want. This is a feature that you will really find handy if you travel overseas often. You simply get another SIM card before you travel, activate it before your flight, and use it while abroad. Once you’re backing home, you can insert your old SIM card again on your device. You won’t have to worry about incurring any unexpected and expensive charges while you’re overseas simply because you forgot to deactivate some features.

Lastly, since prepaid plans do not come with any contracts, you won’t have to wait for two years or pay a termination fee if you want to switch to another carrier or plan.

Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.