This is an eternal question. I have to admit it, it bothered me as well. So, to make story short, here are my pros and cons about this two similar, yet so different devices.

Pros of Desktop Computers

One thing is transparent when it comes to its physical characteristics. It has main body, which can easily be opened. This gives you good view on what it is inside. If you have enough skill and knowledge, you can perform cleaning by yourself. Also, it is highly customizable, which is perhaps its best side.

If a part burns out, you just need to buy a new one, and replacement requires about five minutes, without the need to go to the service. Upgrading a desktop is much cheaper, for the components are easier to find due to their standardization. It sports more space between parts, making cooling much easier and better. Installing additional fan is also quite an easy business, for it will lower the temperature during hot summer days.

Cons of Desktop Computers

Its body is also a disadvantage. First of all, it is big, and occupies space. It happens that it is kicked by accident, and those components are very sensitive, especially if it is a modern SSD hard drive. Also, quite often it is based at the floor, it sucks in all the dust and debris from it, making it dirtier much faster. If you are moving from one place to another, desktop PC is real pain in the neck. The main body, monitor and all peripherals occupy a lot of space, so do not lose this out of sight.

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Pros of Laptop

Laptops are made to be highly mobile, and that is advantage. Everything is packed in one body, so you can easily move it from one place to another. This mobility gives you the opportunity to use one computer for both business and private purposes. Peripheral devices are also included, so there is no real need to carry keyboard, speakers and a mouse with you. When it comes to performances, they are quite similar, so today we have a powerful gaming laptops, which are side by side with their less mobile relatives. Many of those even utilize dual graphic cards, so great fun is assured.

Cons of Laptop

Replacing a part in a laptop is really difficult job to do. If you are unlucky, a few dozen screws will needed to be removed before you get to the main board. Small size has also disadvantage of getting dirty and clogged real fast, so service will be visited often. Although it does not cost much, it still requires time and money. Some devices because of that get heated up pretty fast, so this is the moment when safety switch kicks in (or out?), and shuts computer down. Upgrading is not such a good advice either, for parts are made specifically for each model, and there is possibility that even two are similar, one part simply won’t fit on both of those.

Well, there it is. Depending on your need, choose your preferable device. Best case is to have both, but unfortunately, this solution requires a bit more money.

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