Socialization through virtual means was never known to the world to the point that Facebook made its extreme introduction. Following celebrities and forging new social connections has become quite musty, with Facebook now being available as an important means of promoting one’s ideas and innovations. Hence, making it an ideal place for all those wishing to go beyond mere virtual correspondence.

While a number of groups have already found existence on this platform, however, some prove of immense service to students who want to get academic knowledge and also wish to go beyond it. Although the impact of such networks is debatable and controversy-ridden at the academic front, however, what one can consider beneficial is the expansive details one can come across after joining these groups which can be of immense help as students, considering various academic and career fields of interest to him/her.

The post below mentions some of the best forums that should be on the group list of students fb profile, for awareness about his/her field of interest.

Facebook Pages for MBA Aspirants.
MBA entrances have always been a hard nut to crack. With students active indulgence on Facebook, a number of pages and groups have come up which bring to them a host of material which not only helps them with preparations but also give out new details about management related exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP and various others.

Another perk of joining this platform relates to the exposure to various facets that go well beyond clearing the selection procedure, such as experiences of other students who appeared for the test, interview selections, successful completion of the course, career making in the management field etc. Some of the best pages for MBA students include CAT Preparation, CAT, XAT, and GMAT Preparation Tips and Study,  Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning and various others.

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Facebook Pages for UPSC aspirants
UPSC and civil services prelims are one of the most difficult of examinations, which cannot be cleared without proper guidance and orientation. A number of students study day and night, and still don’t get through the examination.

While joining groups might not guarantee someone’s selection, as pushing one’s limits and performing at the best of one’s potential is in the hands of the individual itself, however, a decent encounter with other aspirants who plan on giving the examination or have given the examination might be very crucial for modifying oneself to make up for an even greater chance of getting selected. Apart from purveying one’s viewpoints and experiences through the Facebook group platform, individuals also share their tips and tricks for mastering general knowledge and exam material.

Facebook Pages for Educational Purposes
While most of the time students are usually looking for Facebook pages that are based on MBAs, UPSC, Medical entrances, and preps. However, a number of educational pages are quite famous on the Facebook platform, and that too even more than this specific-field or subject related pages. Pages like Refine the Mind, Aeon Magazine, High Existence, Future of Life Institute, Radically Enlightened and various other promote abstract reasoning and enlightenment which is much more expansive and thought-provoking than mainstream bookish learning.

While the discourse regarding the impact of social media is highly controversial and especially debatable in the lives of the learning generation or students, however, the significance of exposure offered through these pages and groups cannot be ruled out as experiences offer much better knowledge than just mere exposure to a theory-loaded book. With more and more students realizing this, there is an overload of education-related pages, which offer much more than insight into mainstream academic and career fields. Apart from offering such high-experiential perks, these pages enlighten not only the students but also teachers to inculcate some of the practices that they might come across or learn while being of part of this platform.

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One of the means for the handy access to this platform was smartphones. Undergoing evolution after evolution, these resourceful gadgets have altogether enhanced the way of gaining info from these pages. While en route or just having some leisure time, one can easily go through these pages with smartphones. However, this essential requirement of smartphone should be fulfilled with utmost care by the selection of a good brand.

While a plethora of companies have jumped into the arenas of technology making consumers even more apprehensive and fussy with their choice, however, brands like Sony, Panasonic India, Samsung etc. doesn’t even cause a second thought in consumers mind as they have been reliable agents of technology since ages and that too at prices which are affordable for most.