Commercial Drone

The drone industry has matured and now the technology is grown up to a greater extent. Business is moved and grown, they need a more easy solution in a smart way to produce large capital and increase their growth. Well, I might say you this isn’t gonna be easy or nor it will a magic.

Somethings really need to change to if you are serious about your business. Yeah! I agree that drones never take place of a human but it will transform into a money making robot i.e. easy human task, risk and time; that means more money, more growth. Right? Companies like FlytBase who previously provide a free operating system for drone along with a paid version for commercial use now will also provide solutions for commercial drone Industry.

While exploring about drones I came to some drone news website The Drone News, DroneBlog, etc I came to know about FlytBase and you won’t believe I even don’t know about it before but it’s a famous and well build company. To grow a business you need a well-established company with good support. Maybe you agree with this, and if you agree and not want to waste your money on other fake companies or expensive companies. The most recommended solution is FlytBase.

What will be there in FlytBase Commercial Drone Solutions?

Companies like DJI who provide drones for various purpose. But to make the task easier you need applications to build on drone framework. And for that FlytBase team have spent 5years on research to provide successful and stable solutions to users. And they have successfully built APIs, SDK, OS, AI platform and much more, that proves that they have much more to provide.

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Sectors like Delivery, Oil and Gas, Warehouse management and much more using drones needs a working application which can make your task easier. These are some of the areas where FlytBase commercial solutions can help you:

FlytBase platform has been designed to accelerate development and deployment of a wide range of drone applications. FlytBase experts can help you quickly build a proof of concept or a complete solution, customised for your requirements.

What are the other Advantages of FlytBase?

FlytBase is now known as the first Internet of Drones Platform. Using the cloud service you can connect multiple drones on a real-time with 4G/LTE. It means you can manage your whole bunch of drones using FlytBase Cloud with an ease. So in all, you will get help your applications.

  • Built-in Apps
  • Dedicated Support
  • Real-time drones management
  • Build your own apps using FlytBase API and SDK
  • FlytBase Cloud Access
  • Payload and Fleet management
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Cloud Simulator
  • Log Retrieval
  • Works on 4G/LTE
  • and much more.

So are you excited? Maybe you need more about FlytBase, you can search it on google and find all over the spread articles.