There are around 60% users who can’t access the internet and use its vast resources and the rest 40% who do, not all of them will benefit from the reliability and relative speed which allow to access internet and read articles like you are reading this one. It’s a human nature to take things for granted, but what about those less fortunate ones?

The entire idea is to link machines together and allow easy sharing of information between them. Taking interest in learning to program is a good thing. It’s an ongoing process to learn every day and professional android developer can stay on the cutting edge with this interest. It requires in-depth study which is nearly impossible without internet access.

Google has taken interest in the concept to get as many people online as possible and therefore, its “Project Lagoon” is aimed for providing airborne internet access to the offline users across the globe. It’s a long term project, but Professional android developers can start trying their hands on latest “offline developer kit.”

The pack has four DVDs containing:

  • Comprehensive I/O Dev Bytes Series
  • Complete Android website
  • Comprehensive Google Udacity course videos
  • Material Design Docs from Google
  • The Google cloud platform docs from cloud site
  • Web fundamentals documentation
  • Android, design, and cloud videos from Youtube

The entire content is over 30GB worth and Google has already shared over 2000 of these kits via Google Developer Groups in India, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Bangladesh. The whole content has been released under the Creative Commons and Apache licenses. This means one can share the content and help introduce it to more number of people across the programming world.

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You can request a developer kit from here. Share your reviews about this latest offline developer kit with us and let us know what you think about it.