Tech writing is such an important part of all business nowadays. Whether you’re creating an operational handbook for your employees to refer to or an instruction manual for your new product or service, the task of actually sitting down to write your content can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming.

However, to make these jobs easier, here are seven key tools you can use to streamline your processes, saving you time and money.

New Novelist:
Originally used for novelists who are looking for new ways to write their novel from start to finish, the tool is quickly being opted by technical writers around the world. Within the tool, you’ll be able to list off all your ideas while simultaneously creating your workflow. This allows you to go into immense amounts of detail, ensuring that every aspect of your content is covered.

You can download the tool from the website. There’s a demo available first with a paid option ($29.99) if you want to continue using the software. Using the software wizard, you can select what kind of content you’re looking to create before following through the steps that will customise your software to suit your desired format.

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Top Canadian Writers:
This essay writing service is becoming increasingly popular with businesses around the world regarding content creation. The website itself is home to a vast collection of professional writers who can edit, proofreading or create your content from scratch, meaning you’ll never have to look far when you’re in need of content.

Simply log on to the website for access to reviews of hundreds of academic writing services. Reading the reviews, you can easily find the exact writing service that will suit your unique and individual specifications, enabling you to maximise your budget while guaranteeing a high-quality service.

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Plot Bot:
If you’re trying to find new and exciting ways to create screenplays, Plot Bot could be ideal for you. Using this tool, you can easily input your content by either copying and pasting or bytyping directly into the software. The software will then automatically format your work into your desired format, saving you so much time.

Plot Bot works directly from your browser, and there’s no download required. You can try before you buy using the on-screen demo, and you can create an account to save your progress. You’ll even have the ability to collaborate with co-workers by inviting them to work on your content.

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Writing can be difficult at the best of times. As you’re sat on your computer, you can constantly be bombarded by email notifications and other distractions that can lead to huge amounts of unproductivity. However, The Darkroom provides you with a unique, distraction-free zone that allows you to write freely, maximising every minute of every day.

Simply head over to the website and download the software using the provided link. The software is free to use and is only compatible with Windows computers. Once installed onto your computer, simply open the program, hit F11 to go full-screen and begin writing without any worries of being distracted. There’s also a list of hotkeys and keyboard shortcodes to help you maximise your workflow.

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Best Australian Writers:
Through this website, you’ll have access to a tonne of reviews of academic writing services. These writing services have become extremely popular for businesses since they can create high-quality content on your behalf. By reading the reviews of the service, you can easily decide which service is best for your technical writing needs.

Simply sign onto the website, and you’ll instantly be presented with the top five writing websites. If none of these suits your individual needs, you’re free to explore the rest of the website until you find one you like. Once you’ve found a suitable website, simply click the link to access the website to make the order for your content.

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OMM Writer:
Similar to The Darkroom, OMM Writer is the perfect place for recording your thoughts and ideas in a well-organized fashion. This is ideal for technical writing as you can stay on top of everything effortlessly. This writer app will provide you with a distraction-free writing zone when you can fully concentrate on maximum efficiency.

Head over to the website and click the buy option. There is a free limited trial version if you wish to explore this first. From here, select your operating system and then pay to download. There’s a minimum purchase fee of $4.76. Once installed onto your computer, simply open the application and begin typing. Using the options menus, you’ll be able to select focus-boosting audio tracks and other custom settings to give yourself the best writing experience.

That’s right; this software is interestingly titled ‘Write or Die.’ Using this tool, you can set up custom writing goals that will allow you to stay on track and produce technical writing to the best of your ability. You can set up timers, breaks, rewards, alarms and a whole lot more. This allows you to stay completed focused while writing, otherwise, you’ll die! (Well, not really but the concept is highly motivating!)

You can access this tool using the website or by downloading the app from your respective app store. The app costs $20 and once installed, you can easily begin writing into the software. It will then track your word count and how long you’ve been writing for, providing you feedback and notifications that can inspire and motivate you to keep going.

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