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Every industry is co-dependent on one another to do their best. If you are looking to collaborate with emerging Health care companies in India to sell your product efficiently then, you must undergo a thorough research of the healthcare industry to figure out the top companies you can work with to achieve optimum business growth.

To invest your time productively you can take assistance from an AI – driven platform which will help you short list the best firms for a professional alliance based on various metrics. Here is a list of 5 health care start-ups in India that are funded well and has the potential of immense growth.


Breast cancer is the most invasive cancer affecting the lives of over women, mostly all over the world. The notorious cancer affects more than a million people in just a year in India alone. However, breast cancer survival rates have shown a massive improvement with early detection through screening. Niramai is a Bangalore based novel healthcare start-up which has transformed the concept of traditional mammography into a sturdy, compact, low cost and user friendly screening device which radiation free and causes no pain in. This efficient device will be a huge step closer to winning the battle against cancer.


There has been an invigorated emergence of fitness awareness during the recent years in the country and people have started to take serious measures to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Curefit was founded in 2016 by AnkitNagori and MukeshBansal to give a push to the healthy lifestyle mentality of their fellow Indians. The platform dedicates itself to guide its users in developing healthy habits and maintaining them by providing an innovative combination of engagement, coaching, and delivery though online and offline challenges.

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With the evolving busy, urban lifestyles there is a large chunk of people, both young and old, who live on their own independently. The MUrgency app is built perfectly for them in case of a mishap. This app founded in 2014 connects people who need immediate medical help with nearby doctors, nurses, EMTs and paramedics closest to them. One of the biggest contribution to MUrgency has come from the business mogul Ratan Tata himself when he made a huge investment in this life saving app.


Born as a move to counter the ill practice of chemists and pharmacist prescribing wrong medications to patients, Lybrateprovides instant medical support and advice from real doctors over phone. This Delhi based start-up was founded in 2013 by SaurabhArora and Rahul Narang and helps patients communicate with doctors over phones as well as appointments.

Consure Medical

Consure medical is a start-up which employs a highly efficient team to bring novel, innovative product to help out ailing patients in critical conditions. One of their products is Qora is a stool management kit  for the management of faecal incontinence in bedridden patients, a condition affecting nearly hundred million people worldwide.

New Health care companies in India are completely revolutionizing the health care atmosphere of the country and seem to be developing every minute. For Healthcare Software Development, Contact Aegis – A Leading Healthcare Application Development Company.