The automotive industry has revolutionised a lot since its inception, a century ago the first mass production of a car was started in 1908 by Ford. The name of the first mass-produced car was Ford Model T, and it was the most significant leap towards the first automated private commuter vehicle, it changed the way how people commuted and gave us a new type of industry. A century has passed, and the automotive industry has evolved, it has grown so much that now every car is connected through HMI (Human Machine Interface) services. Now you might ask aa? HMI is a kind of user interface or software which helps its users to connect with machines or in simple language it connects humans with machines. It has been several decades since the inception of HMI services, and it has become a part of our daily lives, it has been present in all kinds of electronic devices like computers, mobile phones, etc.

A new concept that is getting popular these days is the presence of HMI in cars, you see HMI in automobiles make the driving experience a much more safe and reliable affair. Many vehicles now come with OEM fitted head units which offer the driver all the HMI services needed. These services have come a long way as they are now being offered in most of the high budget cars and the day is not far away when we start to see in budget cars too. HMI has changed how we interact with our vehicles, now communicating with cars has become a lot more intuitive and more comfortable. The Human Machine Interface can take commands and obey them, it translates your simple language to coding language and delivers you the result. HMI has made road transport a much safer bet, as it can call the emergency services in case of an emergency, and in addition to that, it can communicate with other cars on the road which use the same services.

HMI services have an ecosystem of their own in which they operate, having an ecosystem gives them an edge over their opponents as the cars are always connected to each other. The number one reason which causes accidents is distracted drivers, HMI helps in that space too as if a driver has real-time communication with its cars then he can easily give voice commands to the car without taking his hands off the steering wheel. HMI services are not just about the driver and his communication with the car; it is a lot more than that, HMI enabled cars automatically check for traffic, look at the weather and the surrounding environment. Companies like Harman have built their own several Automotive HMI software for different purposes.

Technology has been advancing and improving on a yearly basis, every year something new is launched which is a lot better performer as compared to the previous year. Consumer electronics is affecting the automobile industry a lot as once upon a time the unique selling point of cars used to be the power or stability it has, but now when a consumer buys a car, the USP for him are the HMI services it has to offer. The automotive industry has evolved a lot in all of the areas including external, internal and under the hood, right now the change we are experiencing is on the internal front.

Through HMI automobile companies are improving the driver and passenger experience, which is their prime focus now. With HMI services being continuously added to cars, the future of driving cars can be seen. The petrol heads who love to drive might not get to drive in the future as witnessing the improvement in HMI every year it is possible that we might end up with fully autonomous cars or self-driven cars. Everything has its ups and downs, technology also has its negatives and positives, but it is critical to see which outweighs what.

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