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GPS tracking devices have become one of the very significant devices for fleet management. It does not matter whether it is your vehicle or you have the fleet business, GPS tracking device plays a very important role to keep track on the vehicle.

With such significant benefits of GPS tracking system, many people have great excitement to know the GPS tracking devices. Now, finally, you have reached the correct point to know everything about the tracking devices. So, first let’s know about the tracking device basics:

Basics of GPS Tracking Device

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global radio-navigation system. This system includes more than 24 satellites that orbit around the earth and earth send this received signals to the receivers on the ground. This signal is further analyzed to establish the receiver location.

The signals sent here includes the exact satellite position, atomic clock time, and trajectory. After this, the receiver takes this information and with the use of the trilateration process, calculates the exact receiver location.

This location data becomes useful for the owner of the fleet when it shows all vehicles together on a map or in reports.

Active Tracking VS. Passive Tracking

Active Tracking VS. Passive Tracking

Active GPS Tracking

The data from the GPS receiver is transmitted to a remote user in real time. This tracking system help to have the live update of the vehicle status. So, you may prefer real-time GPS vehicle tracking system when you want to have your vehicle update at every second.

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Passive Tracking System

This tracking system stores GPS data in the receiver that you can download to have the report. So, this GPS data must be downloaded once after your all vehicles have returned to your office.

How does GPS tracking work?

GPS tracking device needs a good power supply, a perfect satellite antenna for GPS location and another antenna to transmit the location of the data.

The basic principle of GPS tracking device is that the receiver calculates the location of the data and transmit it all over the network connected to the internet. You can take the example of mobile phone network or another satellite-based system.

A fleet tracking device when configured with your mobile or any other systems, you can easily access your fleet tracking and can easily have information at any time and any place throughout the world.

You can easily have live web location of the vehicle you want and can review the report in a very simple manner. So, overall you can see that tracking system for vehicle work brilliantly to give your vehicle running information.

If you are looking for vehicle tracking system, now you have the facility to get advanced vehicle tracking system online.

There are many online platforms, where you can easily have the best vehicle GPS tracking system devices as per your need and type of vehicle. So, just choose the best online portals and get the tracking device sitting at your home.

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