Thanks to Amazon and other companies, you can not write and publish books of your own and make more money than you ever could working with a publisher. These companies take a percentage of the sale price and give you the remainder on each book that you sell. Whether you want to sell books online or make money off your own blog, you need a dedicated writing space. You can even deduct a portion of the costs associated with that space on your taxes. Creating a writing nook at home is easy with the right tips.

Pick the Right Location
Right-LocationDon’t simply assume that you can pick any location in your home and create a writing nook in that space. You want a space far removed from the other people in your home as well as any distractions. Trying to write when you can hear your kids playing video games and your spouse banging around in the kitchen can make it almost impossible for you to concentrate and focus on the work you want to do. You’ll also want to pick a location that provides you with access to a strong internet connection, especially if you do a lot of work online.

Add Storage
Add-StorageEven if your nook is no bigger than a corner of your kitchen, you still need to add some storage. This ensures that you always have the items that you need for writing on hand and that you never find yourself scrambling to find your notes. Low profile casters easily attach to the bottom of plastic and cardboard bins and boxes that you can slide underneath your desk or work table. Those boxes are large enough to store files with work you did in the past as well as your tax records. You can use organizers inside those boxes and in any drawers.

Have the Right Tools
Right-ToolsWorking as a writer requires that you have a few tools like a computer that you can connect to the internet. You might use a laptop that lets you work in other areas of your home or a desktop that you use solely for working in your nook. Software for your computer helps you keep track of your notes, back up your hard drive and connect with others. Other software acts like a timer and lets you take short breaks before you get back on track.

Invest in Good Furniture
Good-FurnitureThough you might not think about furniture because you want to use things you already own, creating a nook requires that you have at least two pieces of furniture. The first is some type of desk or table that you can work on and use for your computer. A table is cheaper, but a desk provides you with more storage options. The second piece of furniture that you need is a chair that you can adjust to fit your height. A comfortable chair reduces pressure on your back and lower body when writing for an extended period of time to help you avoid injuries.

Having your own private writing nook lets you write in private, even when your family and pets are running wild. Once you build your nook, you can deduct the cost of the furniture in that space and a fraction of your monthly costs on next year’s taxes.

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