Work From Home

If your employee asks you whether they are allowed to work from home, you might think to choose another employee right?

Everyone has reasons why they are willing to work from home – a sick family member, too long to travel, a better time schedule, an open plan work environment where its quite hard to focus and no one person’s reasons are less important than another’s.

Working from home is very common these days. And you can make it happen for the staffs. So make it happen, but remember to take heed of these tips on how to manage them.

Allow people to work from home

Most of the clients might allow you to work from home. So, get with the times – you might have to do this too. It’s an advantage. It makes your organization competitive. It’s an excellent way to attract good talent. It allows you take the benefit of smart people who stay away or otherwise might not work for you if they were forced to visit the office on a daily basis. One of the most common expectation of today’s employees is working from home, specifically Millennials and others who only knows mobile habitat.

Do not Agree Quickly

That said, don’t agree immediately. Have a trial period. You can ask your staffs to work from home for a specific time period and monitor how it goes before putting them into a permanent relationship.

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Be Flexible

Plan and discuss together on how many days your staff can work from home but still need a visit to the office. Its all about balancing. Establish the days from home and at office so you can apply the same to the other employees. After deciding, allow the employee to be flexible, without changing the rules of visiting the office.

Do Not Micromanage

You might have heard this before. The whole point of allowing someone to work from is that you are letting them known a characteristic way that you trust them for being professional and responsible. Don’t micromanage the actions than doing the job of yours. Give your employees respect and trust that they are highly professional and they will do their job better. Agree on certain things that they must accomplish within a time period or a week maybe and as long as you reap the pros you need, you don’t have to worry about it.

Be Demanding

If you handle a team or employees then you surely might expect to be working too, no matter where they are. If you are giving someone a chance to work from their own space, then its not unreasonable to agree together that when you have to speak to them, they are available for you. Within reason, you must be in touch like as call them chat or just email when you need something to be discussed and they must be ready, wherever they are no matter what they are doing. Again – within reason.

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Invest in Technology

Without proper technology, you cannot manage a remote staff. Technology is the reason why so many organizations are able to allow their staffs work from their home. Your remote staffs, must have a Wi-Fi net connection and a smartphone and a laptop or a tablet. Your employee must have access to your network and must be using many of communication, collaboration and project management tools, CRM and file sharing tools that are available today.

They must have access to technology support and it must not fail frequently. But when it comes to work, your organization’s tech will contribute more to the employees’ productivity as a worker. They must be offered with the right tools to do their work effectively.

Don’t Apply The Rule For All.

Working from home is not for all and its your job to match the right person with the right habitat. This is not for all, of course. But then again, as a project manager its your duty to sort things out.

Communicate Face – To – Face

Try asking your staffs to log on for fifteen minutes every morning, so you can track the projects easily and have an update about every project. You can have face –  to- face communication or meeting where all are equal.  You will be tried seeing email exchanges, weekly reports, weekly meetings before realizing that immediate face – to face meeting.

Saving Calls In The Afternoon

Sometimes, if you feel that your employees are so tired in the morning to have calls. Ask them to come online in the afternoon. Give them some time to become productive in the morning, let them get used they will get to work meetings on time sooner.

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If you are looking to manage your staffs more productively and effectively, then these are the top ways to manage work from home employees.

Mrugesh Panchal is a co-founder of the QuickScrum Tool, a powerful, easy to use, and versatile web based application centered on Scrum methodology. The QuickScrum Tool is an agile, dynamic, project management tool which incorporates scrum methodology.

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