Can you describe the advantages of having a mobile? You will mention by the hundreds. And yes, you cannot deny that it has revolutionized your daily activities. Armed with just a smartphone, you can browse through the internet, check the respective website, and pay bills related to Government organizations (electricity bills), transfer money (EMI payment) or order your favorite recipe to come to your home.

Yes, your mobile phone is a storehouse of data, and preserving the info is easy. But there is also a challenge. It is a difficult way to prevent personal data and information from getting out of the device. Yes, it may look difficult, however, hackers need just simple data to rob the hard earned money out of your bank account. One method, that they use is called “phishing” and in recent times, the number of complaints about this activity are increasing every day.

Is Your Mobile Phone Equipped To Prevent Phishing?

Yes, every mobile manufacturer, worth his/her brand value in the market has installed strong security applications on their iOS/Android models. This is mainly to prevent phishing attempts. This article has one humble request, though. Please do not let your favorite device bring down your financial or economic status in society.

The tips to prevent mobile phishing attacks are outlined in the next round of paragraphs. But before going to the details, shall we discuss the concept of phishing and how does the hacker dig your confidential details?


It is a method by which a criminal mind makes use of phone calls, emails or other means of contact to make you believe they are someone related to your bank or other financial institutions. Then, they will make you give confidential information related to your personal details. The best short way is to think of them as an online con man.

The main aim of a phishing call is to attain information regarding financial matters. Usually, the call may come with regards to your banks, but the con man can also target any other financial institutions to siphon off money. Let us take into account some disguises –

  • They pose off as a bank executive telling you to have a problem with your account.
  • Logistics company informing of a delivery you have not taken.
  • Retail company offering free coupons to get gifts, or discounts in purchasing items
  • If you want to stop the transaction for a free expensive gift, you need to click the link.
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There is one factor which every phishing guy follows. Instill fear in you (victim) and make you act quickly. Within seconds of getting the call, if you log in to the website and put your account details, and convey the information, the money will vanish into thin air.

You may be a smart software engineer, but time can play even a small factor against the best minds in the business. So, the only defense you can do to prevent phishing is to be vigilant at all times. And the next round of paragraphs will throw more light on the common phishing attacks that you may experience in the future. Yes, we have also outlined the steps for prevention.

1.SMS Phishing

If you do have a mobile phone, texting is one easy method of communication. So, it is an easy target for many phishing con criminals. There is also another term used for this kind of criminal activity – SMISHING. It also follows the basic rules to cheat anyone.

Every text will definitely contain a URL connection. Clicking on this link will make you go to the website which is a complete replica of the original bank website. But it will contain details to make you log in and use the required password. Once done, the hackers can hack on the real website and siphon off the money to dubious accounts. Or there are chances, you may have to download some software so that spyware gets installed in your system. After the installation, it is the hacker who controls your mobile. In technical terms, you are in the phished zone.


However, you can easily avoid getting into these scams. There is another factor which phishing conmen use to their efficiency, and that is greed. They make you log on to a website without much forethought. So, any message you have to take action on, just give a thought. If you look with patience and clarity, you can notice that there are –

  • Errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • You may come across a general message. There will be no personal references such as Sir or Madam and your name.
  • You cannot believe the offer at the first instant.
  • The message will be cleverly written in such a way, that you will not have time to rethink.
  • This is the first time the person or company has contacted you.
  • The call number seems to be suspicious.
  • A reputed national bank or company will never ask for personal information via simple text.
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These are the basic instructions to follow. If the messages are suspicious, hold your own and do not act deliberately. And never tap the link in the message. Instead of calling the number in the message, check for the authorized website of the bank or institution and then make the call. In case of tax authorities or government services, check with the website for the perfect number.

If you are sure that a number is a spam number, then block the number. You can also complain to the cyber cell.


This is the most common method in phishing methods. The other term for this criminal activity is vishing. But it is used by a human and he/she will pretend to be a bank executive, tax authority person or anyone who wants to gain extra information.

  • You will be prodded to give information about your PIN number. A reputed National bank will never call the customer.
  • The discount offer is too good. You can never believe at the first instant that you have got such an expensive gift.
  • The caller is trying to make you act without thinking twice.
  • The words from the caller make you suspicious.
  • There are other preventive measures, but it is wise to just ask for an excuse and then hang up the phone.

3.Social Media Phishing

In recent times, social media platforms have occupied an integral part of your life. You can get messages asking for money transfer, exchange of money in dollars and many more. Never click a link which may hide the real website URL. You also need to be careful while answering quizzes from social media.

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4.Authorized Apps

Please download apps only from an authorized source. If you have got an android phone it is the Google Play Store and for iPad, iPhone owners, then you know the source – it is the Apple App Store.

Yes, few third-party app stores are good, but why take the risk? An app which contains malware can be stored in many app stores which does not have enough security measures. Then you will be persuaded to download the app. So do not try the method.

5.Caller ID

This service can give alerts when you receive a scam call. You can also report the number to a database. Just check for Should I Answer for Android, and in case of t iOS, it is True Caller.


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