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The way the internet users have increased and have become active, the voice search has become the limelight in the era of smartphones and systems. The way Apple Siri and Amazon Echo have witnessed exponential growth in terms of users and gained success widely, Microsoft Inc have also upgraded the features and functionality of their powerful personal assistance – Cortana.

Microsoft announced a new Cortana skills kit for the enterprise, at the company’s annual conference of Ignite in Florida. Along with the Cortana, it has launched the Office 19 as well for Windows and Mac. The persistence presence of the Microsoft in the enterprise, Cortana is a platform advantage that Google and Amazon don’t have.

Cortana’s best play is to crack the enterprise. It is a personal assistant and also a workplace tool. It can also simplify the things. From the Halo video games, after the fictional artificial intelligence, it is named Cortana. The best reason to upgrade to the new OS is that Windows 10 has a personal assistant.

Now let’s have a look on the features of the Cortana that a Microsoft wants to do for the workplace which is mentioned below:

Cortana Home:

It provides all the important events of the day in one place. The things like reminders, flight times, reservations, calendar events and more are shown in a single timeline.

Cortana’s notebook:

You can add the important things in the notebook of Cortana.

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The ability to set the reminder is the most powerful feature of the Cortana which is based on time, people and as well as location.

Voice activation:

Cortana has a characteristic of a good friend and it will be there when you need it. To talk with her and to get her attention just says “Hey Cortana”.

Improved search:

Cortana can search the content of your computer or the storage of your one drive.

Compose an email:

Cortana has another feature that is email composing and it will pay for an assistant to transcribe the dictated emails in the windows, especially Windows 10.

Edge with Cortana:

Microsoft gave the Cortana to handle the things in its browser like if you highlight any text with your cursor, then Cortana will show you the explanation of that text on the right side of the window.

Multi-device syncing:

With the help of Cortana, if you set any reminder on your laptop, then you can get the notification on your mobile phones, tablets etc.

Moreover, the ever advanced Cortana can now allow scheduling your meetings by coordinating the time across various calendars. According to the vision of Microsoft, they want Cortana as a fully integrated business toolkit.

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