photography gadgets 2017

Photography has turned into quite a lucrative career these days. With new and latest gadgets arriving every day and different techniques evolving side by side, photography has become more than just clicking away some photos. Many colleges and universities are now offering professional photography courses and degrees; this is why the competition has become even fierce.

Being a photographer does not require having good photography skills only, you need to have the perfect gadgets with you as well. For someone who is planning to start a career in photography, here are some gadgets which you should have:

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The Right Camera
Yes, a photographer needs a camera – the most important thing, yet the secret lies in getting the right one. The right camera does not have to be expensive. It just has to be perfect for what kind of photographer you are. But a simple camera is not what a professional photographer needs. You should buy a good DSLR camera for fulfilling your requirements. There are many brands which are making some awesome cameras. You can always buy the one which fits your budget and your photography needs.

Sports Photographer
A sports photographer needs a camera with a high shutter speed. This is because you have to capture fast paced people vehicles and even animals. When the shutter speed is high, you will get a proper picture instead of a blurred photograph.

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Arts Photographer
An arts photographer can go with a good DSLR or even a film camera as well.

Portrait Photographer
If you are into clicking portraits of people, then you need a camera with a high megapixel count. This is because in portraiture you need to capture even the finest of details of any person, and it is achievable with a camera having as much megapixel count as possible.

Wedding or Event Photographer
Whether you are planning to cover weddings, birthdays, baby showers or any other event, you need to have a camera which can function well under dim lights. Remember that there is a right camera for everyone, whether a photographer, a designer or a vlogger.

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Having a camera hanging around your neck looks quite cool, but for taking the perfect picture you do need a tripod. A tripod’s function is to stop the camera from shaking too much. Whether you need a short or a tall tripod again depends entirely upon your requirements.

There are different types of tripods available – the lighter ones which you can simply carry around in a backpack and heavier ones which can resist even the harshest of the weather.

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Camera Bag

A camera bag is very important for any photographer. You can carry all your fragile equipment, including the camera, lens and even tripod, in it. Buy one which can accommodate all your needs.


A lens is probably the second most essential thing after a camera. Most of the DSLR these days have interchangeable lens, making it easier for you to capture the perfect photographs. What kind of lens you should buy is again dependent upon what kind of photography you are in to.

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Telephoto (Zoom Lens)
A telephoto or a zoom lens can capture far off objects clearly. So, if you are into photographing wildlife, are an adventure photographer or into capturing sports events, you need to have this lens for your professional career.

Wide Angle Lens
Just as the name suggests, a wide angle lens is perfect for capturing larger areas. Whether you want to take a wonderful picture of a landscape or want to take a group photo, you need to have a wide angle lens with you to capture everything and everyone properly.

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Mid Range Lens
This lens is perfect for those photographers who are into capturing portraitures. It focuses on your subject clearly and captures all the necessary details.

Apart from the above mentioned lens, there are special lenses as well which let you work under specific conditions. There are extreme telephoto lens, lens with night vision, lens which let you do image stabilization as well as those with fish eye.

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Accurate lighting is very important for any photographer. There is a very less chance that you get favorable circumstances in which you do not have to use any additional light of your own. However, this is very rare. You may require different lighting systems for different situations.

Strobe Flash
This is needed when you are working under extremely dark conditions.

Stationary Lighting System
This is required when you are working in a studio.

Different Colored Flash
This flash is required when you are covering an outdoor event. There are also other different types of lighting systems available which you can use for having the perfect image.

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Different props are required depending upon the type of shoot you are conducting. It is always better to have your own props instead of renting them as they save you a lot of cost.

A Laptop, External Hard Drive, USB

You require a processing system for transferring all your work. It also makes more space in your camera for capturing other pictures and makes it easier for you to do whatever editing you require. it is also important that you keep a separate laptop or computer for photography projects.

This helps in easily accessing everything and printing them out.

However, you may not have to invest in a printer. There are many online companies which offer printing services for a very affordable fee. You can send them over your projects, they get them printed within the specific period of time and then mail them over to you directly.

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