PES consultants still got a list of some healthcare providers who hesitate to implement new patient engagement software (PES). While you may have read about the gains of implementing patient engagement solutions, some providers still give a second thought to installing new software. It is due the fact that they have spent previous years and invested millions of dollars in EHR systems and got less than what was expected. This generates the need of new engagement system but they don’t have any idea how to choose. A patient engagement solution varies from EHR system in several ways. From implementation to budget and optimization, everything differs and matters the most.

How experts in the industry prepare a patient engagement strategy?

There are three things that experts consider while intending a patient engagement strategy-

  • Enhance patient care experience
  • Better population health
  • Low cost healthcare

Healthcare providers can implement a strategy that will not just include meaningful use patient engagement requirements, but also leverage the technology to design the strategy to achieve patient engagement goals (as listed above). The technology should have-

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Proven interoperability
Interoperability of the system separates EMRs or other technology.

An HIE platform
For successful patient engagement, strict alignment of care delivery across payers, physicians, laboratories, pharmacies is a need. Each member of the care team should be empowered enough to share precise and relevant patient data with others in a tinely manner.

Effective patient identity management methods
To create a historical and comprehensive patient record, it is important to link disparate systems properly. It is a real challenge for the providers to accurately identify a patient throughout the whole system of physicians, hospitals, payers and patients which can be handled with patient identity management system. Such system brings maximum flexibility and interoperability with available EMRs.

User friendly platform
User friendly platform provides easy-to-use online tools that lead to better results and cost-efficient care.

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Scalable approach to close every gap
Electronic notifications should have link back to website or should have a contact detail to reach physician’s office or call center. Proper scalable approach helps in closing every gap in health care.

How to get cost-effective and high-in-performance patient engagement software?
Availing the best performing patient engagement solution is less complex than searching for productive EHRs. There are certain valid points to consider if you wish to have cost effective and result-oriented patient engagement solution-

Vendor selection
When admin staff is appointed for a job to select the right EHR system to invest in, they usually take about six to eight months of time. During the period, they visit to top vendor campuses and take interview of healthcare facilities running EHRs already.

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Implementation cycle
Long cycle time is one of the most complex aspects of EHR systems for providers. Implementing EHR includes several steps and providers need to wait for 12-18 months to settle down the things. Implementing patient engagement solution is a standardized process that can be completed within 72 days if your solution provider is reliable. The solution is simple to customize and it is the personal choice of the user to make changes to it.

The cost
EHR system costs more than patient engagement solution. For deploying EHR system, providers need to pay license fee to run software and later several bills related to implementation, setup and maintenance. Patient engagement solution from a reputed vendor can be implemented in a limited budget.

What we concluded?
To overcome the challenges, providers should have a team of experienced experts who are dedicated to manage such challenges. Systematic support team development is the need of time.

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Since patient engagement solutions are having fewer complexities, a good reliable vendor can help providers and deliver user-friendly software solution. You have already learnt how experts in the industry prepare a patient engagement strategy and what does it includes.

You now know how to get cost-effective patient engagement software from IT experts. If you want to know more about this subject, you can post your comment below. You may get useful response from other readers on this post.