Push Notification Marketing Trend

Now that almost 97% of USA shops online, e-commerce businesses generate over $1.2 billion per 30 seconds. These are some impressive stats that make most online business owners crave for more. By the end of 2018, online shoppers will grow by at least 50%. That might be good news for many, but you need to remember that you will be competing with 1.7 million e-commerce sites from around the globe.

If you are still wondering why you should consider going online or reaching out to a new customer base, take a look at these compelling reasons:

  1. 48% of online shoppers shop from the first store they visit if it offers a wide variety of products.
  2. Baby Boomers spend about 4 hours shopping online. Men and women spend about 5 hours per week shopping online.
  3. 67% Millennials and 56% of Gen X-ers prefer e-commerce stores to brick and mortar stores.
  4. Conversion rate directly depends upon shipping cost and speed, the price of the items and discounts.
  5. The average American shopper spends about $488 on an average on online marketplaces.

Since most shoppers are using mobile devices to make online purchases, their mobile medium is becoming an essential platform for advertisement. Sellers are turning to push messages to convey their latest offers, product launches, sale reminders and more.

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Push notification is e-commerce’s new combat gear
Push notifications on website and mobile are short messages (updates) that can reach out to your followers, visitors, and customers even when they are off your site.

  • Push notifications are now effectively targeting the cart abandonment problem.
  • By using customer segmentation, push messages can convey the correct message to the right group of people.
  • They promote engagement, re-engagement, and retention on both mobile and desktop.

A small step for you, a huge leap for your site
Without push notifications, ecommerce sites are reporting heightened cart abandonment rates and lower conversion rates. It is resulting in a much smaller ROI than expected. Installing new tools like the push-notification software can seem like an added expense. However, it is more of an investment than a real cost. Most companies should apply for small business loans to improve their marketing game. Once they can reach out to the potential customers, they will have more chances of growing their sales. Business debt is just another stepping stone to success. Therefore, if you are thinking of adopting new marketing techniques like push notification, PPC, CPC or SEO optimization.

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Why should your site use push notification as well?
Push notification is no longer the pariah of digital marketing strategies. It is very much in the mainstream of e-commerce advertising. It is an adaptation to the new challenges that e-commerce is now facing.

  • Push notifications have much higher CTR. Notification emails bring a lot of unwanted content. Opening a push notification and following a link from the message is much easier and straightforward.
  • They can bypass ad blockers with ease. Unlike website advertisements or the embedded ads on YouTube that AdBlockers can easily block, push notifications are sneaky. They go directly to a smartphone’s notification tray and offer better view ability.
  • It is easier to switch the notifications on and off according to the customer’s will.
  • Most of the users prefer Chrome to browse stores over native apps. Push notifications give the users a choice to use the app (if installed) or the browser to view the offers.
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How are push notifications becoming everyone’s favorite?
Online businesses can efficiently use the settings of push notification tools to send individual messages to distinct segments of their customers.

  • It is now easy to send a particular event notification to specific customer groups by segmenting your users. For example – if you have a men’s t-shirt sale coming up, you can send the notification to only those who have shown interest in men’s products.
  • Most push-notifications have emoji support. It makes the notifications look more personal, exciting and attractive. It helps in customizing your communication.
  • These notifications are clickable updates, which work equally well on desktop and mobile devices.
  • They have an open rate that’s 50% higher than promotional emails. Most customers cannot ignore push notifications due to the snackable content.
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Website push notifications bring the new medium of advertisement for websites that do not have an app. Desktops account for over 42% of total internet time in the USA. Therefore, there is a significant portion of the target audience, who is still using desktops to shop online.

How do push notifications work for websites?
The ideal way is to give your visitor an option to choose website notifications. Websites need to be very clear in their motive of taking permission for sending push notifications and updates to the visitors. Most sites use an “opt-in” dialog box for the visitors. Once they hit on “Yes/Allow,” they can start receiving the push notifications from the website. All subscribers of your website or app users are also entitled to get push notifications from your site.

Push notifications require instant response. People do not sit on mobile notifications or desktop notifications for days before hitting on the URL. Therefore, you need to time your push notification correctly. No one expects their consumers to be awake and willing to visit a new offer at 3 AM! Whereas, 3 PM may be a better option, since most offices slow down and people start idling on social media sites. If necessary, you may have to adjust your notification timings with multiple time zones. It may be a little more complicated, but it will generate a far better response from your subscribers.

Do not forget to tag your notifications to the proper UTM parameters. Always use Google Analytics and other analytical tools for determining the CTR from your push notifications. Since opting for push notification service is an investment, measuring the CTR is undoubtedly a way to measure the ROI.

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