The internet has created a myriad of new ways to generate traffic and draw people to your website. Although many have developed, none shows the consistent promise and strong return on investment of SEO. There are many reasons why this technique has proven to be so strong, including its ability to maintain value after the initial project is over as well as its strong inbound marketing potential. These factors all combine to make SEO a very wise investment for companies new and old alike.

SEO Keeps Working Even After The Project Ends

Search engine optimization is a process that involves generating content that is search engine friendly. It isn’t possible to achieve strong results without tweaking website content and adding relevant keywords to be published online. All of this continues to help long after it was first written. The website improvements work for your as long as your company chooses to maintain them. Articles, press releases, and other off-site media will remain on the internet for years, acting as a resource that others can use while further boosting your site. Search engine optimization is unique in this regard. There is no other form of marketing which continues promoting your company for years with little maintenance required.

Search Engine Users Prefer Organic Results

It doesn’t take an SEO company to tell you that organic search results will always be selected over paid ads. Years of aggressive push advertising have soured people on the idea of paid content as a whole, especially when they have unpaid content so easily available. Pay-per-click advertising might be able to get your company to the front page fast, but you might not see an increase in actual traffic or sales because visitors simply won’t click through. They always prefer organic results, and those come only from SEO-optimized sites.

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Inbound Marketing Connects You With Potential Customers

Search engine results are designed to be a customized directory of sites, tailored to each individual search. This unique quality puts them in a prime position to be a source of inbound marketing. When people reach your company through Google, Yahoo!, or Bing, it’s because they wanted to find you, or at least wanted to find something in your industry. Inbound marketing of this nature tends to self-select the best prospects. Instead of trying to convince people that they want your product, you’re talking to people who already know they want it. You simply need to show them that your company has what they are looking for.

Visitors Aren’t Annoyed By Interruption Advertising

Before the advent of Google, the majority of advertising attempted to get its message through by interrupting the target in the middle of their activity. It was intrusive, ineffective, and caused a massive backlash amongst consumers. Today, that isn’t necessary, and in fact may be counterproductive. Inbound marketing is advertising on the consumer’s terms, and offers much lower costs than traditional outbound marketing – as much as 60% lower, according to some sources.

Make The Most Of It With Help From An SEO Company

It may seem simple to reach the top of the results, but your business runs the risk of making a serious misstep without proper guidance. When most make their first forays into the world of online optimization, they do so with the guiding influence of an SEO company. With experience in the field and knowledge of sciences like keyword research and metrics analysis, online optimization firms can often provide an edge that helps new companies get ahead.

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