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What tools can be used to accelerate the closing of commercial deals or how long does it take for an organization from the beginning until the final signing of the contract? These questions which a sales manager asks can be summed up in one, i.e., how to accelerate the sales cycle to facilitate professionals in the commercial department to acquire their objectives.

Electronic Signature Software as the Solution!

The key advantages of leveraging sales management tools such as ERPs and CRMs can be wasted if sales executives do not close contracts. Long sales processes need several documents, typically for B2B organizations and using electronic signatures can facilitate the final step of signing contracts.

Streamlining the signing process for salespeople is the key to close more deals, increase client base, and enhance the sales team’s productivity.

Here, we present six key benefits for leveraging electronic signature software for your sales team.

Contracts Get Signed in Minutes

The common career objective that many shares  is to manage time that leads to greater effectiveness and control costs in a better way at every departmental level.

The step which closes every sales process is the signing. Good e-signature software makes it easier and faster for the sales department as well as for the customers to sign contracts or agreements.

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When a client gets convinced that the product your company is offering is the best one to resolve their problem, signing documents is a matter of a few minutes. The consumer receives the agreement via email, opens it on their smart device, puts their signature, and forwards the document to the sales representative.

The salesperson receives an email in their inbox that the agreement has been signed and can be accessed through the dashboard.

Sales Teams Productivity Increases

With the help of an online electronic signature solution, you can easily track the status of a contract sent to your customers. The dashboard helps you to view at which stage the document is like received, read, or signed.

As a result, it helps to save a huge amount of time for the salespeople. They can make follow-up calls and send emails to other potential clients and close more deals.

Time and Location are No Longer a Problem

Earlier, email was the traditional way to sign contracts between two people separated geographically. But now such kind of contractual signing has almost ended. There are new ways where customers can sign documents electronically and give their consent even though they are at a distance.

The ability to sign agreements from anywhere and any smart device means that the location is no longer an obstacle. Signed documents are available on the same day when sent for signing to clients, regardless of the number of signatures required to verify an agreement.

Enhanced Client Experience

Once the customer has decided to purchase your product or service, then they can immediately sign the contracts without going through the traditional tedious paperwork including printing copies of agreements, signing and sending them back to the organization by snail mail, or scan them through email. An electronic signature solution speeds up the whole process of signing documents online without further delay.

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Boosts Sales Teams Productivity

Salespeople spend a lot of time to close deals, and this can lead to a lack of productivity. Being a sales manager, you need to make sure that you empower salespeople with the correct tools they require to cut down hours they spend on tedious tasks which include chasing down prospects at the time of signing contracts.

By implementing an electronic signature into the sales process, salespeople can follow a digital trail for their semi-closed deals.  No need for them to waste valuable time tracking down these contracts and the customers they belong to.  This will help them to boost their productivity, focus on their leads, and build a strong relationship with their customers.

Transactions are Legally Supported

It is true that the signature on paper has equal legal validity as eSignature, but the security provided by the latter in case of possible litigation is unparalleled. The advanced electronic signature solution collects a series of data, email address, IP, unique device identifier, and more that constitute unquestionable evidence of who signed the document, when and where, which has legal validity in front of the court.

To Sum Up

Leveraging eSignature has a transparent, competitive advantage as it streamlines the final step of the sales process, helping to close deals quickly and generate more business. It not only provides tangible economic savings but also enhances the efficiency of processes, optimizes workflows, and prevents lost business opportunities.

Kevin Peterson is a content marketing enthusiast, freelance writer at SutiSoft, specializing in Business, ERP, Technology and Cloud/SaaS trends.

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