Owners of small businesses have a lot of things on their plate. Not only do they need to keep the production going but also need to look after the sales and marketing, especially in the online space. If like most entrepreneurs, you find yourself clueless regarding how to drive visitors to your website, here are a few tips that can help to leverage the buzzing action on the social media:

Create Brilliant Content
You can build your follower base on various social media platforms only by providing content that they find attractive, original, and useful. Not only does great content serve to engage your followers but also encourages people to share it thus increasing the reach of your brand amongst audiences that you would not have been able to access. Generating great content cannot be by accident; you need to be fully aware of the profile of your target audiences and what they are looking for. If you know what excites them, you can generate original content and deliver it in an appealing package that will get the maximum real Instagram likes. The same content can be repackaged in different formats; typically, you can use white papers, infographics, photos, slideshows, videos, etc. to communicate better. While you need to promote your brand, good content always focuses on the user.

Optimize the Content
Given the millions of posts that are uploaded daily on all the leading social media networks, it is unlikely that many of your followers will actually see your content unless you take care to optimize it for better viewership. One of the most important considerations is the time of posting; if you know when your followers are the most active on social media, you should post then to receive the maximum likes and shares. Lay stress on making the content visually attractive; because it is proven that the brain processes images far faster than text. Ensure each image tells a story in which the brand benefits become evident; user-generated content can be valuable. It is also very important to post consistently so that your followers come to expect your posts.

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Start Blogging
Because it can be quite challenging to produce content that is original, useful and attractive on a continuous basis, you should focus on blogging so that you always have a steady source from where you can adapt content to post on your social media accounts. Think about using video content as an alternative to text; it is far more interesting to your followers and the rate of engagement is substantially more than written text.

Use Google Analytics or any of the commonly available analytics tools to understand your social engagement and make decisions according to the findings. For example, if you see posts at a particular time not getting any response, you should avoid it and instead opt to publish when the rate of engagement is high. You can also find out what sort of content your target audience prefers so that you can tailor your content strategy accordingly and publish more interesting content.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.